Using Facebook Groups for Your Job Search |

Using Facebook Groups for Your Job Search

Many job offers in your field may never appear on official recruiting websites. But by using Facebook groups and being active in a targeted way on social media, you could find the most interesting and rare offers. How it’s done.

Finding the right groups

There are several ways to find the most interesting and active Facebook communities in your field. The Facebook search field is obviously your first ally — try several keywords related to your industry. You are also advised to ask your colleagues about this – they may be members of secret groups that could be useful to you.

There are groups of people from your own town, others with national or even international discussions. It is good to be present on all these fronts. You will always find people who work near you or who know your environment.


If you are an inactive member that only shows up when a job offer appears, you will be overshadowed by your comrades who are already virtually known by the recruiters who are present on the group. Comment on publications, pass on tips and be positive and pleasant. Become friends with the people with whom discussion is frequent and rewarding and sometimes take the conversation private on Messenger. Who knows, job opportunities can come out of it!

To contribute to the conversation, don’t hesitate to share an article that you have just read and that could be of interest to the community. You can also ask questions and ask for advice. Be balanced, don’t monopolize colleagues’ news feeds with many publications every day. Consider spreading what is really relevant and by which you stand out from what the others do. You may thereby attract the attention of a recruiter or future colleague who will suggest you to his boss.

Participate in events in person

By using Facebook groups you will receive valuable information about current events involving people in your profession. Go to them and meet people. There’s no better way to expand your network.

Another golden rule is to always respect the rules set by the different groups and ensure that your publications and interactions are always well targeted. And who knows, a contact met on Facebook may be your next boss or a valuable future collaborator.

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