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5 Ways to Boost Your Income in 2017

Most of us wouldn’t mind a little extra cash at the end of the month without necessarily having to work 90-hour weeks at many different jobs to get it. How can you boost your income when you’re already scrambling to save money? Here are 5 suggestions.


  1. Ask for a Raise and Claim What you Earned

It’s certainly the most immediate way of boosting your income but it’s also the most difficult because you need the courage to ask. Be well prepared for your meeting with your boss and demonstrate your value and your qualities. You just need to be a bit bold.

Plus, how many times did you stay late at the office without billing for that extra hour here and there? All those hours add up to a good amount. It’s time to claim them!


  1. Turn Your Hobbies Into Money

If you really like to cook, you could make money while doing your favourite activities by offering to cook muffins, soups and homemade meals in exchange for a bit of cash. For those with an artistic side, Etsy (an online platform) is a great place to sell your creations. If you know how to sew, why not teach a class from time to time to make a bit of money? Your expertise will be appreciated and you’ll earn a little while money you’re at it.


  1. Make Your Belongings and Your Space Profitable

If eBay and Kijiji are your best bet for selling your books, DVDs, clothes and the tools you never use, don’t forget to investigate selling your stuff at your local consignment store.

Nowadays, renting your house or apartment on Airbnb is pretty common but now you can also rent out your home parking space while you’re at work thanks to the app Prkair. You could also try to find someone to carpool with and charge him or her a few dollars for the trip without having to spend more on gas.


  1. Do Some Chores for Other People

Cooking, cleaning, and small home repairs: many companies like TaskRabbit and HomeJoy can connect you with people willing to pay someone else for their services. What’s the advantage of using apps like these ones? You decide when you want to work.


  1. Make the Most of the Time you Spend at the Store

The grocery store is a gold mine if you want to earn some extra cash: you can register for apps like Checkout 51 where all you have to do is take a picture of your receipt to get cash back for each grocery item you chose. Loyalty programs are also a good way to earn twenty or thirty dollars every trimester without having so spend a penny more.

You can also earn a little bit of money while you’re doing your shopping by becoming a mystery shopper. Several companies hire anonymous shoppers to ensure the quality of their service. Who wouldn’t want to be paid to buy their bus pass or eat at a restaurant?

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