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Career management

Clinical Nurse Specializing in Infection Control and Prevention ­­­­­­­­– What Does She Do?

Hospital-acquired infections are a major problem for the health care system and are the subject of increased surveillance. In Quebec, the Ministry of Health and Social Services indicates that in health care institutions 10% of persons admitted will contract this type of infection during the care or treatment received. Several studies have demonstrated that setting […]

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Qualities Sought in a Ski Instructor

 Fall is the time of year when ski resorts across the country are looking for ski and snowboard instructors. In addition to knowing how to ski well, what should you put on your resume to get a job? Level 1 required Whether for skiing or snowboarding, it is necessary to have a validated level 1 […]

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Little Extras to Boost Your Tips

While neat appearance and a nice smile are basic parts of the server’s vocation, are there other gestures or secrets for getting more generous tips? Here are some ideas to try out… Introduce yourself to customers For Nicolas, a server in a Laval restaurant with thirteen years of experience at the counter, it is important […]


Brown-Out: When You Lose Motivation at Work

It’s a new form of work-related depression that may well become more common in the coming years. Brown-out, which literally refers to a “drop in power”, affects more and more workers. But what is this new disorder and what are the symptoms to watch out for? Brown-out must not be confused with burn-out, which describes […]

Career management

Students – What Type of Part-Time Work to Choose?

Whether to finance studies, gain more independence, pay rent or simply to have more pocket money, there is no shortage of reasons to start looking for a part-time student job. Valuing your skills Whether you have decided to go for a food-related job or a position related to your field of study, it will in […]

Career management

Do You Know About Work Sharing?

An overloaded schedule, finding it hard to spend time with your family… Juggling work and family life can sometimes be complicated and affect the morale and even the health of your employees, as is revealed by a study conducted by Quebec’s Institut national de santé publique. Combining the two and achieving equilibrium is still possible, […]