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Does Artificial Intelligence Threatens your Job?

Although it’s the stuff of dreams, Artificial Intelligence (AI) also makes many people fearful of losing their jobs. AI could eliminate 7 million jobs by 2020 and only create 2 million, a net loss of 5 million positions in 3 years. Confronted by these figures, should we be alarmed? This study from Klaus Schwab and […]

Career management

Capitalizing on informal leaders

Authentic, honest and inspiring, informal leaders are often more popular than bosses in a working team. Their qualities affect change. Companies therefore have every interest in taking advantage of informal leaders to improve their workplace. These informal leaders can be very determining in a call centre or customer service environment.  The informal leader is an […]

Company life

Are you starting to leave the cubicle?

Having become the ultimate symbol of the beige and depressed worker, the cubicle has lost ground to working in the open air. Even though, it is far from being the workplace’s Holy Grail, the cubicle is lacking for numerous office employees. Nikil Saval—author of Cubed: A Secret History of the Workplace—explains in an interview in […]

Pay and benefits

5 Ways to Boost Your Income in 2017

Most of us wouldn’t mind a little extra cash at the end of the month without necessarily having to work 90-hour weeks at many different jobs to get it. How can you boost your income when you’re already scrambling to save money? Here are 5 suggestions.   Ask for a Raise and Claim What you […]

Company life

Sedentarism: Is fighting its side effects a losing bet?

According to a new study, one hour of physical activity is enough to counter the negative effects of sedentary work. For some people, physical activity isn’t asking much, but for others, it takes a lot of effort. Is fighting sedentarism a losing bet? Not if we make an educated gamble. A Norwegian and British study, […]


Portfolio Careers: a Trend That’s Here to Stay!

Accountant, writer, lecturer, or professor: we can be all of these at once. More and more workers aspire to having a multifaceted career, several jobs or positions, at once. Called a “portfolio careers”, it is gaining in popularity. Companies wanting to take advantage of the talents of these multi-tasking workers will have to learn to […]

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5 Networking mistakes that undermine your approach

Do you have a strong handshake and live to meet people? Is this enough to efficiently network? Avoid these 5 networking mistakes that risk wiping out your efforts. 1. You don’t network often enough More often than not, we enter networking mode when we want something: a new job, a reference, or a meeting with […]

Company life

There is no shame in punching out.

Is it really necessary to have a fiery passion at work if you want to work well and draw satisfaction from it? The passion-at-work myth is ever present, but can make some workers feel guilty. In Dilbert’s universe (the comic strip), the work setting is a gloomy place where employees—imprisoned by their cubicles—punch out and […]