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Rights and labour standards

Five little-known labour standards

Can my employer ask me to work on public holidays? Can I choose my own vacation weeks? Here are five little-known facts concerning labour standards. In what cases must an employer pay for work clothes? Jocelyne Cotnoir—lawyer and Assistant Director of Legal Affairs at the Commision des normes, de l’équité, de la santé et de […]

Company life

Compassion fatigue : Say yes to empathy at work … in moderation

Far from being simply a virtue, according to professor of management Adam Waytz, being too empathetic at work can be counterproductive. Take compassion fatigue into consideration. Nobody questions the importance of putting others first. This quality is essential in meeting clients and as much in employee management—without even taking into account that it promotes a […]

Rights and labour standards

Fired in an cavalier way? What happens next?

There are tons of stories of getting fired offhandedly. When this situation happens to us, we can ask ourselves what is our recourse and how far can businesses go. Exploring the issue. Regardless of individual or massive layoffs, it is always possible to do it by the book. But what are these concrete rules? Golden […]


Reflecting on spontaneous candidates

Sending in a spontaneous application—that is to say, transmitting your CV without a job offer—is not like replying to a regular job offer. How do you adapt your CV to ensure that your application does not sink to the bottom of the pile of spontaneous candidates? 1. Target the right businesses Applying spontaneously or not, […]

Company life

5 frowned on but rewarding career habits

The least-valued habits in our society: giving up, making mistakes, following instead of leading, all have certain advantages during your career. Here is how to make the most out of these 5 stigmatized habits. 1. Giving up Society has never looked kindly upon giving up. We want to avoid looking like someone who doesn’t give […]

Oddly enough

An internship for a mystery company? Would you do it?

The platform makes blind calls to candidate for businesses that are hiring and wish to remain anonymous. Take a look at this new recruitment method. Blind Applying’s concept can be frightening at the beginning: sending out your CV without a cover letter and without knowing which business selected you until the interview. Deutsche Telekom—set […]

Rights and labour standards

How much should you spend on electronic devices for work?

More and more businesses expect their employees to own their own work electronic devices (BYOD: Bring Your Own Device). But who should pay the user fees? How do you draw the line between personal and professional use? A survey conducted by the research firm IDC Canada shows that 73% of Canadian companies let employees use […]

Jobs search

Catching the job bus

Roulo-Boulo’s mission: If you cannot go to the job; the job will come to you. Roulo-Boulo is a job bank, in a bus, that roams around downtown Montréal helping youths—between 16 to 35 years old—find work. Painted a visible orange, the Carrefour jeunesse-emploi (CJE) bus was a tremendous success last year and will come back […]

Career management

Are You Treating Your Supervisor Well?

According to a US study, supervisors are more likely to suffer from anxiety or depression than any other employee within an organization. Why? There certainly is a glamorous side to being promoted to a management position. After all, it signifies progress in one’s career and is often accompanied by a salary increase. Researchers at Columbia […]