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Optimizing a Job Search with Google

Google is a particularly effective tool for targeting interesting job offers, since it enables a quick and personalized search. Here are some tips for finding the job that’s right for you. Although many candidates first use job offer websites to find a job, Google is also a resource to consider for finding great career opportunities. […]

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Job search: make it personal

To find a job adapted to your needs and abilities, it’s essential to personalize your cv. But what aspects should you focus on to pique the interest of the recruiter? An expert answers us. In response to a job offer, an employer can often receive more than a hundred applications. The CV and cover letter […]

Jobs search

Some Tips for Finding an Evening Job

To make ends meet, or just to have a variety of work experiences, it can be interesting to consider an evening job. Here are some tips to find the one that will suit your personality and your schedule. Regardless of your professional situation, holding a part-time evening job could let you boost your income while […]