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Focus on the snow removal industry

They’re busy on our streets during winter and you hear the sounds of their trucks from inside our homes. Snow removal is a part of our daily lives, but do we really have an idea of what their job is? Overview on a trade that is little known but which can be very attractive to […]

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Open Area Offices for Healthy Employees

A brake on productivity, easier spread of diseases, more frequent disturbances – there are many reasons not to opt for an open area office. Now scientists have just given them a big benefit that may well make you give in to the trend, if you haven’t already done so… According to a new study published […]

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Combine Work and Studies? It’s Something to Think About!

By desire or necessity, quite a few students choose to work at the same time as studying. However, juggling work and studying can interfere with academic success, a study published by the Canada Millennium Scholarship Foundation reveals. Experts have observed a negative correlation between the number of hours worked and academic results obtained – the […]

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Learn English Online – Some Free Resources

Speaking English is a prerequisite for most jobs. But for those who never had the opportunity to learn English at school, what should they do? There are online resources available to you. These programs improve your oral and written comprehension, as if you were in class, but from the comfort of your own home. Games, […]

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Professional burnout – women are at higher risk

According to a study of industrial relations and sociology by the Université de Montréal, women are more susceptible to professional burnout than men, due to the nature of their work. Female employees often find themselves working in positions where they are overqualified. “Overqualificatoin can arise from a glass ceiling effect where women are less likely […]

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Customer Loyalty – How to Obtain it

Points cards, attractive discounts, targeted promotional emails – some merchants bring out the heavy artillery to build customer loyalty. Is providing unequaled customer experience sufficient to accomplish this? Here’s how to go about it, with simple and practical actions. A company’s success obviously depends on its ability to attract new customers, to renew itself and to […]

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Six tips to increase your visibility on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is now an essential tool for job seekers and their visibility. But with its various paid versions and dozens of parameters, it can be difficult to know how to use it effectively. Here are some tips to best set up your profile. While many job seekers tend to use the the LinkedIn search engine […]

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How about Working on a Farm this Summer?

Working on a farm picking strawberries or feeding animals during the summer may seem rustic at first glance. But what are a farmer’s working conditions really like? Close-up on this profession, which requires a passion for work and a love of manual work. The Ferme des Possibles, an organic vegetable producer located in Victoriaville, has […]

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Is Salary Really Negotiable?

Even though a number of job offers claim that the salary is “negotiable”, a study by the Robert Half human resources consulting firm shows that few job seekers dare to negotiate a starting salary. What do recruiters think? Only 34% of 400 Canadian workers surveyed say they negotiated a higher salary on their last job […]

Pay and benefits

What is Your Worth on the Job Market?

Many websites give the opportunity of learning our value on the job market. Can these tools help us negotiate a better salary? Yes, on condition of not being too financially greedy… Negotiating your salary is often very strategic – you have to know how to get the highest potential income, without losing your chances of […]