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5 Essential Apps for your Job Search

What if the job of your dreams was at your fingertips, on your phone? Here are some apps to help job seekers in their daily quest. LinkedIn… the app The platform is well known and recognized. The app uses your profile already created on LinkedIn and your recent searches to select the best jobs for […]


Make the Labour Shortage Play to Your Advantage

In the time of the shortage of labour, employers are ready to invest a great deal of effort to attract (and keep) their employees. In this context, what are the winning strategies for job searchers? You’re worth more than just diplomas Are you short the level of diploma required but dreaming of a particular position? […]


Are you a perfectionist? There’s a cure!

Do you find it impossible to finish a job or to leave out some details in a file, because you think it will taint your reputation? Do you outdo yourself, but also suffer from anxiety due to your insecurity? Here is some advice from Matt Plummer, founder of the Zarvana online coaching service. Looking at […]


Secrets to Quickly Integrating Into a Team

It is the lot of self-employed people or consultants who have temporary assignments to have to quickly integrate into a work team that has already been set up. Here are some tips to achieve this. Observe, listen, question At the earliest meetings, store up all relevant information: conduct, speaking, terms of discussions and characteristics of […]

Jobs search

Tourism Industry – What Matters to Job Seekers?

Are you about to get your dream job, but are thinking about dropping the hiring process after learning that other employees seem to be unhappy with the employer? If so, you are like nearly half of the job seekers in the tourism and retail sector who drop out in the middle of the hiring process. […]