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Career management

Changing jobs often: it pays off!

In a full-blown labour shortage, companies don’t hesitate to offer salaries that defy the competition to attract new employees. Changing jobs frequently is therefore an effective strategy to increase your personal income. Before you take the plunge, here are some tips. Job hopping, i.e., the frequent and deliberate changing of jobs, has had some success, […]


The symptoms of the “Great Resignation” are persisting

The rising cost of living is taking its toll on employees in Canada, who are experiencing financial difficulties as well as struggling to manage heavy workloads. This seems to make the phenomenon of “the great resignation” persist, according to PwC Canada’s annual survey. Almost one in four Canadian employees is likely to change their employer in […]


A second job to counter the effects of inflation?

According to a survey by BDO, a debt solutions company, inflation is causing half of Canadians to cut back on their spending. Other strategies for regaining purchasing power include diversifying sources of income. However, finding a second job or supplementary activity to make ends meet is not without its drawbacks. The survey, conducted by Léger among […]

Rights and labour standards

Freelance work: late payments and financial insecurity

Late payments on online platforms and mobile apps are causing great frustration among freelance workers, according to a recent study by Payments Canada. This survey shows that more than half of respondents express dissatisfaction with the problems associated with their remuneration.   The freelance economy is now a mainstay of employment for more than one […]


A review of hirings and dismissals – June 2023

Companies have recently made layoffs while others have announced the hiring of new employees. Balance sheet. Hiring The Entosystem company, which produces insect-based proteins, opened a new factory in Drummondville at the end of May. It is actively recruiting to fill the 70 jobs that have just been created. Federal government investments are expected to […]

Rights and labour standards

How is the union succession going?

To remain at the forefront of the struggle for workers’ rights, the Quebec and Canadian labour movement must constantly renew itself, adapting to the social and economic changes underway. Mobilizing the next generation is a key element as several post-pandemic challenges emerge. According to the Chaire-réseau de recherche sur la jeunesse du Québec, the unionization […]

Rights and labour standards

AI at work: should its use be regulated?

Artificial intelligence (AI) is attracting a growing number of companies because of the time, accuracy and productivity savings it promises. In a context where regulation is non-existent, the power of these tools also generates concerns. According to a recent survey by Deloitte, 68 percent of companies invested in AI in 2021, up from 53 percent […]

Rights and labour standards

The gender wage gap is stagnating in Canada

Although the gender wage gap narrowed in Canada between 1998 and 2021, men continue to receive higher hourly wages than women. For every dollar earned by men, women earn $0.89.   According to the latest data compiled by Statistics Canada, female employees earned 11.1% less per hour than men in 2021. The gap hardly changed […]


2023: the year of task automation?

In Canada, more than one million positions are currently vacant. Companies must therefore find solutions to hire and retain the people who work for them. Task automation is part of the solution. Despite persistent myths, partly linked to images in science fiction movies of robots wreaking havoc, machines could indeed help us. According to a […]

Rights and labour standards

Hybrid Work Charter: a compass for companies

Hybrid working has become more popular since the pandemic. To better regulate and optimize this practice, businesses can adopt a charter or code that clearly outlines expectations.   In order to regulate hybrid work, a form of organization that allows time to be shared between the office and home, many human resources experts recommend drafting […]


Spotlight on the “Great Resignation”

In the last two years, a phenomenon has shaken up the world of work in the United States: The Great Resignation. This trend, which is much smaller in Quebec, is reflected by waves of departures and career changes.     Coined by Anthony Klotz, a professor at University College London School of Management, the term “Great […]

Company life

Sexual and gender diversity: 5 tips to make workplaces more inclusive

Even though awareness has been growing in recent years, harassment in the workplace is definitely still there. According to a Léger survey, 35% of Quebecers have been subjected to at least one situation of psychological or sexual harassment in the last 5 years. Among LGBTQ+ people, this rate is 65%. Another vision is therefore necessary […]

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