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Job Search – Some Tips to Beat the Competition!

Are you convinced that you are the ideal candidate for the desired position, but you are not the only person being considered? Here are some tips to make an active search and raise you up above the fray. Identify your “unfair advantage” The concept comes from entrepreneurship. To succeed in business, says author and entrepreneur […]

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Are you at Risk of “Technological Unemployment”?

Technological unemployment – The conclusions of a recent study on the consequences of automation and new technologies on jobs provide some food for thought about the types of employees at risk of being replaced by technology within the next few years. The technological automation that is currently underway around the world will not only create […]

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How to Refuse a Temporary Contract Proposed by an Agency

Placement agencies sometimes offer positions which are not attractive to you. How do you refuse a temporary contract without closing doors? “A worker once refused a job because his shoes would get wet and he did not want to risk catching a cold by going outdoors!,” says Pierre Chaput, Director of Recruitment at Extra Multi-Ressources, […]

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Dare to apply without having all the qualifications !

Employers are increasingly demanding with regards to the skills of administrative employees. However, it is quite rare for a candidate to have all the requirements. Here are some tips of what to emphasize when you decide to apply without having all the qualifications. Zaïda B. Mangones, employability consultant at the Club de recherche d’emploi de […]

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How do Recruiters Perceive Part-Time Jobs?

On your CV, you may have accumulated several part-time jobs. How are they to be made an asset for recruiters? “The fact of having had two part-time jobs certainly demonstrates the ability to manage a schedule,” says Michaël Jalbert, an employment consultant at Groupe Plein Emploi. “In addition, if you decided to take a part-time […]

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How Can You Justify a Dismissal?

Did your last work experience end in a dismissal? Here’s how to justify to a recruiter the fact that you did not achieve your goals. “The job interview is not a confessional,” starts off Mathieu Bréard, vocational rehabilitation counsellor. “Yes, you must be honest about the reasons for your dismissal. However, there’s no point in […]


The guide to coworking in Montreal in 2017

Shared workspaces are flourishing in Montreal, to the delight of freelancers and startups looking for economical and flexible accommodation. The short guide to coworking in Montreal.   A change of atmosphere and meeting new people – these are the two reasons often cited by self-employed workers for renting an office in a coworking space.  However, it’s […]

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Millennials are concerned with quality work, survey finds

A survey conducted by the Indian recruitment firm Jombay concluded that millennials prioritize their work quality. Surprising, when this generation has a reputation of cutting corners… The facts are striking. When asked what motivates them at work, 80% of the 2,800 surveyed millennials reported that work quality was most important. They also look for this […]

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Being Friends With Coworkers Is Good For The Health

That is the conclusion of a new meta-analysis that examined the impact of labour relations on people’s health. Here are its highlights. The research, recently published in Personality and Social Psychology Review, is a comprehensive analysis of 58 studies from 15 countries conducted on a pool of 19,000 workers across various industries, such as nursing, […]


Your CV in 10 questions

It only takes up between two and three pages yet its appearance is constantly changing. Here are some tips from human resources professionals on updating your CV. 1. Should the CV be ordered chronologically or by competency? Matthieu Degenève, founder of l’Oeil du recruteur, answers, “With standard CVs, I prefer a mixed formula with information […]


A professional resume written by a professional

Finding a job requires knowing how to properly communicate your message. People are trained for it. Have you ever thought of paying someone to write you a professional resume? Here are your options. “It’s nice to have the best skills in the world, but it is still the CV that gets you an interview,” says Guy […]

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Agile management : How to implement it in your business

The concept is nice in theory: an organization must have an agile management. But, how do you implement this management culture within your organization? And how does it work on a daily basis? The concept of agile management  “Basically, the concept of agile management stems from the IT world, where projects are often very heavy […]