Make the Labour Shortage Play to Your Advantage |

Make the Labour Shortage Play to Your Advantage

In the time of the shortage of labour, employers are ready to invest a great deal of effort to attract (and keep) their employees. In this context, what are the winning strategies for job searchers?

You’re worth more than just diplomas
Are you short the level of diploma required but dreaming of a particular position? Showcase your non-technical skills, your work experience and your well-being. Employees hire someone with a potential to be developed. In addition, don’t be discouraged by a long list of requirements, because many of them are not really required… in a situation of shortage.

Recognition of prior learning
Have you been trained abroad? Explain it and if possible find equivalents from local schools or educational institutions and name them on your resume. The context of a lack of workers favours recognition of training followed or completed and work experience acquired outside the country.

Opening to continuing education
Employers will want to attract you and retain you by offering the training and upgrading you want, related to your field of employment. Show yourself ready to learn and develop new skills in your cover letter and being called to an interview will soon follow.

The ambitious will be served
Do you want a job where you can move up the ladder? The context of shortage facilitates and accelerates the process because the employer will want to retain the best elements. Also note that this context extends to the whole continent, so you can take advantage of companies with branches across North America to see the country.

Take advantage of rising salaries
A shortage of workers means rising wages. Employees have to be attracted and the lure of profit is a good way to do it. You have the advantage, whether it’s in negotiating or just choosing where to apply. You can consult sites such as Glassdoor, which lists salaries and working conditions.

Negotiate benefits and flexibility
Not all employers have deep pockets. Instead of a higher salary, rather offer them to accept personalized benefits such as a different work schedule, more leave, insurance or work-family life balance measures. Basically, diversify the elements of your request for overall compensation to make hiring you easier.

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