Companies Innovating Through Boosting Employee Creativity |

Companies Innovating Through Employee Creativity

In the current working world, where technology is gaining in importance, creativity remains one of the human skills essential to the success of a company. What strategy can be adopted to stimulate it more in boosting employee creativity?

With the constant development of new technologies, companies have to reinvent themselves to meet the competition. According to a study published by the World Economic Forum in the fall of 2018, creativity will be ranked 3rd in labour market skills by 2020. This observation certainly encourages employers to invest in their human capital in order to remain competitive in the era of robotization.

Focusing on simple ways to boost creativity

According to Marie-Josée Bergeron, creative specialist and visual artist for Latulippe Centre du Team Building, companies should focus first on the creative development of their employees using simple methods rather than focusing only on the results. “In this way they will have an even greater capacity to adapt to change and cope with the unknown.” The expert advises in particular bringing together different profiles of personalities within a single department to maximize the exchange of ideas or planning outings outside the usual working environment, such as a meeting in a museum, art gallery or museum.

Setting aside rational thinking to capitalize on your creative potential

Boosting employee creativity would also depend on the employee’s capacity to get out of a system of pre-established education and be oriented toward more analytical thinking. “It’s exactly the same as training your muscles to build strength and endurance,” explains Marie-Josée Bergeron. “It takes time, investment and perseverance, otherwise we remain stuck in our logical thinking.” Daring to laugh at ourselves and get out of our comfort zone by expressing our ideas without being afraid of ridicule are some of the tips to overcoming our rationality at work.

Creativity: the key to success

For the specialist, there is no doubt that fostering creativity in a professional environment is synonymous with innovation and success. “In a globalized and competitive working environment, operational and financial processes are no longer sufficient to stand out. Companies who dare to instill a creative culture and who foster risk-taking attract talent, build customer loyalty and become leaders in their industry.”

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