Canadian winter tourism: a lot of jobs available! |

A Portrait of Winter Tourism in Canada

Winter tourism is more than dog sledding! What kind of tourism businesses can people work in who wish to show the world the joys of winter in the most beautiful country in the world?


In Quebec alone, there are 15,000 jobs to be filled for the winter season in the sector ranking second in Canada’s tourist industry. The scarcity of labour is a priority and we want to highlight the various opportunities in restaurant, accommodation, leisure and entertainment.

“Beyond the places discovered and experiences lived, visitors remember those who made their journey unique. The message that will be conveyed in this process will be in the image of the people who bring to life and create indelible memories: the unforgettable ones of tourism,” we can read in a recent press release from the Alliance de l’industrie touristique du Québec and the Conseil québécois des ressources humaines en tourisme.


Nordic spas

This is an increasingly popular experience with tourists, and the presence of spas is on the rise. Winnipeg and its famous Thermëa Scandinavian spa is proof that winter can be tamed, despite its reputation as Canada’s coldest city. According to a study by the tourism sector workforce committee, there is an increase in needs in Quebec, where they are already very popular, especially in customer service and restaurants.


Unique and authentic experiences

Canada’s winter is a dream and its Great White North is just as much with its magical arctic treasure. The winter season is the high season where you can admire the Northern Lights at Aurora Village, stroll with a herd of 3,000 migrating caribou or go on ice fishing excursions. The challenges of this sector are recruitment and retention. The positions of guide, facilitator and customer service representative are very much in demand.


Explosion of the event component

With there being many festivals and artistic and cultural events across the country, the winter tourism event component is added value. All these seasonal events have a quite high turnover rate and are constantly looking for candidates for site maintenance, welcoming festival-goers or managing volunteers. 

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