Choosing between job offers can be challenging |

Choosing between job offers can be challenging

You have one (or perhaps several…) propositions on hand, choosing between job offers, and yet something tells you you’re not sure…

Let’s look at the main points which led you to begin the process:

You have been approached directly:

You were happy in your job and your employer lived up to your expectations, your colleagues are angels…However you are moving, you have invested time in a recruitment process.  Why?

  1. The job description, the assignments on offer, the company’s activity sector, a promotion opens up to you, an unexpected challenge?
  2. The attractive salary
  3.  Your future boss is ideal, a true coach, and your long sought mentor
  4. You will be a 15 minute walk from home (no more commuting!!)

You should ask yourself the following questions:

  1. Is it a new position or will I be replacing someone? In this case why has the person left?
  2. How long has the company been looking to fill the position? (The longer the duration the more you should question it…)
  3. Am I capable of fulfilling these new roles, what is my potential to evolve in the position and in the company?
  4. Be aware that the higher the salary, the higher the expectations…Your 15 minute walk doesn’t seem so appealing anymore if you leave work at 10pm every evening!!
  5. It is important to be able to meet your future colleagues or at least check that the company’s culture ties in with your own values (in fact do you even know your own values? Do you know what is important for you?)

It is clear that if you decide to change for better horizons you will find them and give added value to your CV!

You were in active search

It is sometimes easy to know why you left but do you know exactly what you don’t want to find elsewhere or ideally what exactly is your personal and professional plan.

If you are in a career transition (your position has just been cut) before heading straight for the first offer (unless it is the right one) have you made a real record of your career and future objectives?

Finally, we will only add that a recruitment error will cost your future employer but also yourself, take the necessary time to think about it and remember that a good career choice matures, a career is built over time.  You will certainly change employers several times but try to stay the course. Choosing between job offers should always take this in consideration.

Your current employer makes a counter-offer, what do you do?

  1.  He just increased your salary by 30%

Question: Why did he not do it before?

        2.  He offers you the promotion that you expected for so long.

Question: Why did he not do it before?

        3. He offers you a corner office with windows and an espresso machine as a bonus.

Question: Why did he not do it before?

        4.  He effectively blackmails you.

Question: Where has his free will and nice personality gone?


An employee who wants to leave will leave anyway the following year despite all efforts to keep them (be wary of retention bonuses they’re sometimes gilded cages…).  If you have made your decision (the true one) you should be able to explain to your employer the reasons which pushed you to make it…One last thing, do not hesitate to regularly communicate with your boss and don’t wait until the last minute, certain conflicts or problems can be sorted out without necessarily changing employer!

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