How technology can motivate your teams |

How technology can motivate your teams

Enthusiastic and engaged teams are the benchmark of a healthy company. The use of technology has many advantages, such as contributing to staff productivity and increasing their involvement. How does technology benefit a company? 

Email, connected devices, social networks and communication platforms of all kinds –  technology is everywhere in our lives. In a professional context, its use facilitates better employee engagement at different levels. Here’s how.


Increase efficiency and productivity

The different technologies used in business make the best use of the time allocated to various tasks. This makes employees more productive on a daily basis. Certain services and processes can be completely taken over or greatly simplified by automated technology, including the use of augmented reality, artificial intelligence and 5G – where downloads can take seconds. These innovations promote performance and speed of execution, reduce costs and improve the overall efficiency of a company.


Improve collaboration

Collaborative applications, shared calendars or web file storage and sharing services facilitate exchange and promote collaboration between employees. With remote work being adopted by a large majority of workers, these online tools help to keep work teams in touch by encouraging mutual aid, the distribution of tasks and the sharing of information in real time.


Favour communication

Whether it’s smart phones, online collaborative tools or video conferencing platforms like Google Hangouts or Slack, technology allows employees to communicate together, regardless of their location. Whether they spend the day at home or wherever they are on the move, the possibility of communicating well depends more than ever on the implementation of these communication technologies.


A better experience for employees

Strong involvement and marked employee engagement contribute to the growth of a business.  “Smart” work environments, which encourage devices connected with the Internet of Things (IoT), count on space management systems or have meeting rooms equipped with smartboards that promote the well-being and belonging of teams to the company. Smart applications for managing lighting and air conditioning can also help make days at the office more pleasant and peaceful. 


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