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You Have Been Demoted – How Should You React

More than half of Canadian human resources managers (58%) say that their company has demoted an employee. In 52% of cases, unsatisfactory performance was the cause. This is what a recent survey conducted by OfficeTeam found. But what attitude should be adopted when such news is announced?

Being demoted obviously generates its share of emotions, from surprise to disappointment. According to the survey, while more than half of employees (52%) tried to accommodate the new situation with dignity, 40% of them were rather frustrated and lost their motivation for the job. And in 18% of cases they simply decided to quit.

Stay calm

Even if the news is difficult to accept, it’s best to stay calm. Once the shock has passed, you may choose to stay within the company that employs you. So it’s necessary to avoid making comments that you may regret. And getting angry with your manager will in no way help to improve the situation.

Try to understand

The best thing to do is to try to understand the reasons for the demotion. Ask your manager to explain why you have been demoted and what aspects of your work you need to improve.

According to Koula Vasilopoulos, district president of OfficeTeam, “By understanding the reasons for the demotion and focusing on professional growth and development, employees can find greater satisfaction in the work and position themselves better for advancement in the future.”

Assess your options

Before you think about quitting, consider the possibilities that are open to you. Ask your manager if you could possibly be reinstated to your position. Find out more about the training you could follow to hone your knowledge and skills.

Even if the news is hard to accept, step back a bit to really think about your professional future. According to Ms. Vasilopoulos, “Whatever the difficulties associated with being demoted, it can also represent an opportunity for workers to reassess their career goals.”

By taking a break to reflect on your professional life, you will be more able to decide if you want to stay in the company and take a new position that you are offered or if you would rather leave to try your luck elsewhere. But the important thing is to let the dust settle a bit so you can see the situation more clearly and avoid getting carried away by emotions.

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