Top Apps for Effective Digital Note-Taking |

Top Apps for Effective Note-Taking

Here is our selection of the best apps (on iPad, laptop or smartphone) for effective digital note-taking!

The Evernote app is complete and recognized for its flexibility. It lets you record information in several forms (text, image, audio) and synchronize it across several devices as well as share it with other users. It is also aimed at a commercial clientele. The free version is limited, however.

There are few differences between OneNote, of the Microsoft family, and Evernote, except that the first is completely free and allows offline access to notes. For those nostalgic for pen and paper, the tool even lets you write on the page. OneNote also offers a better experience in document sharing. One of the drawbacks is that it is mainly intended for Windows users

Available in a paid version on Mac and iOS, Notability is handy for those who regularly go from Macbook to iPad and vice versa. It lets you take typed and handwritten notes, annotate PDF files and convert audio content to text. It is used in complement with other note-taking apps.

This digital notepad is extremely simple and effective. Offered on all platforms and completely free, it exists as a web app. Registration is required to use it. The app has search, prioritizing and note sharing functions. It is only available in English.

Developed by Zoho, this app is present on all major platforms. It consists of notebooks that can be filled with several types of documents: texts, audio recordings, photos and task lists. It is possible to create as many notes as desired. However, classifying and sorting remain difficult.

Google Keep
This is like Post-Its on a wall, but virtual. You can use it online or with the mobile app. In these virtual notes you can include images, links and even create task lists. The app has a reminder function that is limited, however, and not the best option for complex projects.

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