Digital Transformation – Companies Are Not Prepared! |

Digital Transformation – Companies Are Not Prepared!

Technological developments are transforming the way work is done, yet it seems that companies are reluctant to adapt accordingly. This is what a study by Avado and Censuswide has found.

A training specialist, Avado wondered how employers are implementing apprenticeship and skills development programs to prepare for the digital transformation. It turns out that most companies are not preparing at all, or poorly. They therefore run the risk of being overtaken by technology and having to separate themselves from employees who don’t master the new tools.

A problem of perception

The leading constraints are the budget, the generational gap, and the fact that training initiatives traditionally remain the same from one year to the next. The generational gap is blatant, since only 75% of those over 55 believe that the digital transformation is significant for the company compared to 96% of those aged 25-34. Knowing that most senior executives are generally among the company’s older employees, it’s not surprising that the digital transformation is not a priority in many companies. This is especially so since 45% of persons interviewed admitted that only senior executives and management are involved in the company’s digital strategies, excluding managers for training, human resources and all the other levels.

Listening to employees

A better understanding, both at an individual and global level, is essential for an effective learning strategy and therefore for a successful digital transformation. It’s up to employers to put tools in place to allow them to listen to their employees and develop the necessary skills.

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