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5 resolutions for harmonious relationships at work

Managers and human resources directors have everything to gain by fostering harmony in the office. Here is a non-exhaustive list of essential steps to take to build strong, down-to-earth relationships at work.

Know yourself

Before starting to manage others, a good manager will get to know himself for several reasons. First, you must be able to recognize your own share of responsibility in the dynamics and conflicts, since we all have sensitivities of our own. Each person interprets situations through their own lens and their experience so knowing yourself is an important starting point.

Foster diversity

Here it’s not a matter of tolerating diversity, but rather of valuing and highlighting it. This can be done in several ways. Team members will feel respected and dare to enrich the environment with their experience and their difference.

Have fun

Work can and should be synonymous with fun! And this fun comes from a harmonious relationship between colleagues. Fostering fun at the office can be done formally, such as with team building activities, organized dinners or planned times for exchanges. Fun can also be scattered over work time with fun contests, treats to share, music, etc.

Learn to manage conflicts

Conflicts between people are inevitable, so it is not surprising that these situations sometimes have to be handled in the workplace. Respect must always come first. For example, take care to meet the parties involved individually and not talk unnecessarily about problems. To prevent conflicts, the other person must be listened to with a real desire to understand and without prejudice. Active listening is also the art of asking the right questions to clarify and paying non-verbal attention to the speaker.

Have a clear vision

Here is a fundamental piece of advice to finish on a strong note. Having a clear vision, which includes the company’s values and the importance of harmony among people, will lead to a common goal. When a vision is clear, everyone can get their hands dirty and work together in the same direction, especially if the parties feel respected in the points referred to above. These intentions can be written down and repeated at team meetings. Vision closes the loop!

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