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How to dress well in the office in summer

Summer temperatures are still bearable, but they will soon climb and provoke the usual headache about dress code among all employees – how do you dress to stay professional without suffocating?

 Pay attention to what you reveal

In the professional context, one thing is always true: do not show too much. But in summer, there is a greater temptation to leave the high collars and trousers in the closet. Everyone will understand that you are adapting your style to the temperature, provided you do not cross a certain limit. There’s no question of wearing a skirt that stops at the top of the thighs or a tank top that almost reveals the navel!

Make way for flared cuts

This is also obvious: with tight clothes, there is no question of hiding traces of perspiration! However, a loose tee-shirt and wide linen trousers offer some ventilation and undeniable comfort. Do you still want to enhance your figure? Nothing prevents you from tightening your dress at the waist with a belt.

Professionalism is in the accessories

You can allow some tank tops (but not cut too low!) and capri pants if you know how to adapt the rest of your outfit. At the beach, you would take your tote bag. At the office, rather take an urban handbag, more in a classic style and without too many bright colours.

Similarly, avoid flip flops – just a pair of slightly dressy sandals to give this light dress a more acceptable look in a formal setting. Be careful, dressy doesn’t necessarily mean high heels, since with feet that tend to swell it is better to stay flat.

Jewellery can also raise the level, provided you are discrete and it is in noble materials, as opposed to more conspicuous bracelets and earrings that you can afford to show off on vacation.

What about men?

It has to be admitted that in summer, fashion is not gentle with professional men! Nonetheless, there are still options. If you are lucky, you work in a company where open shoes, short sleeves and Bermuda shorts are tolerated. Otherwise, you will have to do something else.

First of all, forget about all synthetics, which don’t regulate the heat and worsen problems of perspiration. Instead, opt for cotton or linen, which is much better suited to summer temperatures.

So by cheating then, you may be obliged to wear a long-sleeved shirt, but nothing stops you from rolling up the sleeves to gain a few centimetres of bare skin.

Finally, choose the right shoes – with the heat, your feet will not be comfortable in leather. Think also about your socks – you might think they add a layer, but actually they serve as a barrier between you and the shoe and thus prevent perspiration as well as blisters.

Choose the right colours

You should also know that whites, beiges and other light colours are more suited than blacks and dark shades, since they protect you more from infrared. Choose your wardrobe accordingly.

Think about everything

Practically speaking, you can still wear a scarf or a small jacket.  You never know in which meeting room or in which restaurant a business lunch will take place with the air conditioning running at maximum, making your efforts to wear a light outfit suddenly much less relevant!

Finally, men or women, it is up to you to show common sense and choose an outfit in which you feel comfortable while respecting your company’s dress code.

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