Here is a summary of the companies where jobs were created and others were lost in June 2019.


Unity Technologies wants to create in Montreal the second largest studio of the group. Thus, the Danish company will triple its workforce, from 200 to 650 employees. The federal government offered $ 350,000 to assist the company in its efforts. André Gauthier, director of development and head of the studio in Montreal, says that the jobs created will be as much in the field of the game as in the fields of the artificial intelligence and the cloud.

With the summer season starting and the opening of Grande Basque Island and Lac des Rapides, Tourisme Sept-Îles has nearly 600 jobs to fill by the beginning of summer. These jobs, although seasonal, offer great work experiences to students.

CGI, the information technology service provider, inaugurated its new center in early June in Drummondville. The company, which has already hired nearly 80 people, plans to create 220 more jobs. CGI, which prides itself on welcoming newcomers, employs nearly 7,500 people in its seven centers.
FlannelJax, which specializes in ax-launching entertainment centers, will open a call center next month in Sydney, Nova Scotia. Thus, from 7 to 8 positions will be filled as soon as the establishment opens. The company hopes to hire about 30 people in total if growth continues as planned. FlannelJax would like to open 20 to 30 new locations of the same type a year.

The Quebec government has announced that it is providing $ 17 million in cybersecurity, or 25% of the total project funding. Luc Sirois, General Manager of Prompt, which leads the project, wants to create a real industry that will bring together SMEs, but also large companies like the National Bank of Canada or Deloitte. This news will provide nearly 400 new jobs in the next five years, including some 30 in the Outaouais.


Budget cuts force NB Opportunities in New Brunswick to abolish 29 positions, 24 of which were full-time positions. Despite these reductions, the company maintains that the services will not be affected and that the other 120 positions will be maintained.

The TVA Group has announced the elimination of 68 positions. A gesture that should help the company to continue producing French-language content in Quebec. TVA points out that these changes are due to fierce competition from Radio-Canada, Amazon, Google, Apple, etc.

The ErinoakKids Center in the Greater Toronto Area cuts close to 300 jobs after Doug Ford’s government decided to stop funding agencies offering services to children with autism. The money will be sent directly to families who can then turn to the private sector.

Vice Quebec, which opened an office in Montreal on August 1, 2016, has just announced that it was closing it in order to concentrate its activities in Toronto. Nearly 20 employees are affected by this closure. A restructuring could also take place in Toronto. However, the losses would not be as great, according to internal sources.

After abolishing several positions in 2016 and 2017, IBM returned in early June by laying off nearly 2,000 employees. The company ensures that this represents less than 1% of its workforce, and that the goal is to have a team with a high rate of return. IBM currently has nearly 2,500 job vacancies worldwide.

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