Get ready for summer at the office |

Get ready for summer at the office

Summer is approaching by leaps and bounds.  Have you decided to go on vacation late, at the end of August or even in September? You will be delighted when the time comes, but until then you will have to survive with empty offices, knowing that most of your colleagues are sunbathing. Learn about the initiatives you need to take now to make the situation bearable.

Arrange your schedule

This is rule number 1 which will help you not to hate your colleagues who are already on vacation – ask your managers if you can, for example, come in earlier in the morning to be able to leave earlier in the afternoon to enjoy the sun and your family.

Get ahead

It’s not always easy since there are so many things to wrap up before the summer period, but if you can, try to get ahead as much as you can on your files, even if they are not urgent, instead of pushing them back saying you will have time when everyone else has gone. This may let you shorten your weeks in July and August, when things slow down… Provided your boss agrees!

Adapt your wardrobe

There again, it all depends on your company, but if the dress code is not too strict you can let yourself wear outfits appropriate to the temperature and weather of the moment. Start thinking about what you want to wear when the thermometer skyrockets. Choose light fabrics, bright colours and open shoes, and don’t hesitate to reveal a bit more than usual…  While remaining very correct, of course — you are still in a professional setting!

Eat light

With the heat, there’s no question of binging on pizza and poutine! Instead, turn to seasonal foods: salads, fruits, sandwiches and other cold meals which will help you fight mid-afternoon sleepiness as well as perform miracles for your health. Learn about recipes that are easy to prepare in advance and carry with you.

Check out the neighbourhood

Summer is the opportunity to be a bit more relaxed with your colleagues by arranging meetings outdoors (terrace, park, etc.) as well as picnics. Stroll around the neighbourhood to see if it might be possible to go to eat or talk in small groups without being disturbed.


Talk with your boss about working at home a few days a week during the summer. Telecommuting is a good way to avoid the interminable home-work commutes, take breaks when you feel like it, and even be more productive – with a firm will, seeing your children playing in the garden will, instead of distracting you, encourage you to work harder to join them as soon as possible. If all goes well, your boss might even let you continue to have one day a week for remote working even after summer is over.

Decorate accordingly

Grey walls, windows that overlook a dark building, an impersonal office… Although these details are bearable when you are submerged in work and have colleagues to talk to, they become depressing when you are almost alone and have the time to notice your environment. Have fun with colourful postcards, photos of friends and family, even a plant or two for a natural side.

Think about your vacations

Finally, if you have not yet gone on vacation, it’s sure not to be long. If it’s hard get motivated every morning to get locked into an office when the sun is shining brightly and the premises are half empty, remind yourself that when the others return, you will leave!

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