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The 5 Professions that Champion Happiness at Work

What makes you happy on the job? Ask your dentist the next time you visit him, because this profession holds the top position of the very firstLeger Workplace Happiness Index (LWHI) , recently unveiled. Doctors, hairdressers, real estate brokers and managers are also at the top of the charts. Overview.

The LWHI survey was conducted among 17,393 Quebec workers working in 70 trades and professions. Carried out online from November 2018 to March 2019, it not only lists the professions most likely to be happy but also helps understand the factors that generate happiness. It is an interesting tool, therefore, for people seeking the dream job, just as it is for employers who care about the well-being of their employees.

LWHI, tell me who are the happiest!
Thus, according to the charts, the happiest professionals are dentists, doctors, hairdressers, real estate brokers and managers. This is a somewhat surprising result considering that dentists and doctors are also known to have high rates of mental health problems and suicide… Yet, according to the LWHI survey, dentists have excellent reasons to smile to the fullest!

Conversely, drivers, cashiers, unskilled workers, electricians and correctional officers are the most unhappy workers. This could explain why Correctional Services Canada (CSS) has recently asked its employees to list what made them happiest at work… The most popular answer? Workplace relationships, not tasks.

Six factors of happiness
The testimony of CSS employees corroborates the results of the LWHI survey, which looked at six factors of workplace happiness. While self-realization, working relationships and recognition guarantee happiness, wages are at the back of the pack, just before the feeling of belonging and after accountability. This is undoubtedly why well-paid employees, such as police and correctional officers, appear in the 60th and 70th positions respectively. In contrast, artists and community workers, jobs whose annual salary often approaches the poverty line, are among the top 20 occupations!

Overall, the liberal professions such as dentistry, architecture, law and psychology have higher indices. In addition, the index increases with age. In fact, while the LWHI for workers aged 24 and under is 70 (out of 100), that of workers aged 65 and over reaches 80. Proof that age also has advantages!

Happiness is short
The data from the top ranks also confirm the close correlation between workplace happiness (LWHI) and personal happiness (LHI). The relation is quite logical since although we try to partition working and private life, the human being is not so compartmentalized! As a result, a person who is happy at work will also be happy at home. And vice versa.

Are you curious to know your Workplace Happiness Index? You can calculate it online!

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