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How to get your first winter job when you are 16?

So you’re 16 years old and want to take advantage of the next winter season to build a little nest egg? With ski resorts in full swing and stores getting busy with the Christmas period, there are many opportunities. But don’t wait until the last minute to start your search! Here are some tips to find your first winter job.

Businesses start in October hiring students for the entire winter and holiday season, which stretches from November to January. If you want to increases your odds of getting a seasonal job, begin preparing your CV in September.

Since it’s your first winter job, you need to ask yourself what kind of work suits you and what are your skills. Get help from your parents. You can then prepare your CV accordingly. Of course, you are young and don’t have much work experience. But this doesn’t mean your CV is only three lines long.

Highlight your qualities (punctuality, communication, teamwork, perseverance, computer skills) and experience (volunteering, sports or other activities, babysitting, internships, etc.). Your success at school can also be an asset and demonstrate that you are serious (scholarships, awards, etc.). 

Use your local network to find your first winter job

Once you have updated your CV, talk about your search to those around you. Ask your parents, friends and neighbours. Don’t forget to mention the type of work you want on social media. For some job markets it is not uncommon to find a job by word-of-mouth rather than by posting. Explore sites for jobs on the internet, especially those reserved for students or seasonal jobs. Walk around the businesses in your neighbourhood and distribute your CV. Working in a place close to home makes life easier since you lose less time commuting. Be careful about your presentation, since the first impression is what counts the most. 

Direct your search to industries that grow in winter

In winter, certain areas of employment are more promising than others or have additional work that needs students to be hired. Here are some examples.

Ski resorts

Are you a great skier or snowboarder? Inquire at the nearest ski resort. Skiing schools are always seeking energetic young people who want to share their passion by becoming an assistant instructor. 

They also offer positions related to winter activities such as ski lift attendant, patroller, etc. Finally, since most of them have a cafeteria, each year they hire seasonal staff for washing dishes, serving tables, help in the kitchen, etc.

Stores and shopping centres

As the holidays approach, stores and shopping centres need to replace employees on vacation and hire staff to carry out their extra activities. Of course, there are toy stores, real or virtual, for whom a large part of their sales take place during the holidays and need extra staff from November on. But all stores in general see their activity climb during this period. Salespeople, cashiers and facilitators are in high demand. From November to January they will need people to wrap gifts, sell Christmas trees, liven up shopping centres or the Christmas village, or even… don a Santa Claus costume.

Don’t target only the big brands – small stores downtown can also need a helping hand. Caterers and party organizers also offer positions as kitchen clerks, waiters and shop salespeople during the holidays. To put all the odds on your side, show that you are available on holidays.

Many stores and distribution businesses also have to take inventory. This work is done when the businesses are closed, often in the evening or weekend. On the other hand, it’s a one-off job. If you don’t have much time and need a bit of cash, it’s the ideal solution.

Hotels and restaurants

Hotels and restaurants always need occasional help, especially during holidays. They recruit waiters, dishwashers, bartenders, table attendants, hosts, cleaners and delivery drivers. Don’t hesitate to go directly on site to hand in your CV. Ask to meet the restaurant owner or hotel manager, if possible.

 Call centres

At any season, call centres for survey firms or business related to e-business hire many students.

Whatever your choice – all-season or one-off winter work – this first winter job experience will in any case be rewarding!

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