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Working in a team after a promotion? It’s possible!

You’re getting a beer after work with your colleagues. Then, the day after—surprise—you get a promotion and become their direct supervisor. Your relationship with them won’t be the same; how do you manage this transition effectively without causing much of a mess? Right away, responsibilities change. Now you have to manage people, projects, deadlines, setbacks, […]

Oddly enough

Is regional work better or not?

Prosperity is often promised to urbanites wanting to move for regional work, but the reality is not always rose coloured. What is the salary and cost of living? Geneviève Readman left Montérégie three years ago to become a psychoeducator in Bic. After reflecting on it, she asked herself “Why not?” “I saw a position on […]


Rediscovering Your Enthusiasm at Work

After you have been doing the same job or even been on the job market for a while, it’s normal to feel a little jaded. Here is some advice to reignite that spark and rediscover enthusiasm at work.   Asking the Right Questions Even though it might seem challenging, you should take time to examine […]

Company life

Are you starting to leave the cubicle?

Having become the ultimate symbol of the beige and depressed worker, the cubicle has lost ground to working in the open air. Even though, it is far from being the workplace’s Holy Grail, the cubicle is lacking for numerous office employees. Nikil Saval—author of Cubed: A Secret History of the Workplace—explains in an interview in […]


Reflecting on spontaneous candidates

Sending in a spontaneous application—that is to say, transmitting your CV without a job offer—is not like replying to a regular job offer. How do you adapt your CV to ensure that your application does not sink to the bottom of the pile of spontaneous candidates? 1. Target the right businesses Applying spontaneously or not, […]


Are all interview questions good during an interview?

During an interview, an employer can bombard you with questions to find out more about you. Even though some are legitimate, others will appear banal, but are completely illegal. What are these interview questions and how do we react to them if they are asked? Civil status “Are you married, divorced, single?” Your personal life has […]

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Work life balance: Blurring boundaries for better productivity?

The time when we had to separate our personal and professional lives has probably ended. Employees free to live in both these daily spheres perform better than those without it. Take a look. Work schedule adapted to lifestyle “I don’t think the 9-to-5 is the still the solution,” Philippe Mast highlights straightaway, Certified human resources professional […]

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Colleagues’ salary in question

The subjects of discussion between colleagues abound, with only one topic remaining taboo in companies: salaries The fact that nearly 33% of Canadian employees have never discussed salary with their colleagues proves that the there is still a long road to changing mentalities, even if certain forward-thinking behaviours are emerging. Why would you know your […]


Body language at an interview

It is often said the most of what is said is not expressed in words. The tone of voice, facial expression and also and especially the attitude and gestures count for much in the message that you want to convey. The problem is that many of these elements are subconscious. Learn how to master them […]

Company life

5 frowned on but rewarding career habits

The least-valued habits in our society: giving up, making mistakes, following instead of leading, all have certain advantages during your career. Here is how to make the most out of these 5 stigmatized habits. 1. Giving up Society has never looked kindly upon giving up. We want to avoid looking like someone who doesn’t give […]

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How do you unearth those hidden job offers?

Going through employment sites and replying to job offers on display is the usual way to find work. On the other hand, not all offers are advertised, some are hidden job offers. 80% of all job offers are never announced. How do you find vacancies in this famous, hidden job market? 1. Word-of-mouth The legends goes […]

Oddly enough

An internship for a mystery company? Would you do it?

The platform Blindapplying.com makes blind calls to candidate for businesses that are hiring and wish to remain anonymous. Take a look at this new recruitment method. Blind Applying’s concept can be frightening at the beginning: sending out your CV without a cover letter and without knowing which business selected you until the interview. Deutsche Telekom—set […]

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