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A review of hirings and dismissals in Canada – November 2023

Here are some companies that made headlines in Canada in November 2023, for announcing notable hirings or dismissals. Hirings Renewable energies open the way to new jobs in the Shawinigan region. The company TES Canada, thanks to an investment of 4 billion CAD, will build the first green hydrogen plant project in the country. This project could […]


A review of hirings and dismissals in Canada – October 2023

Here is our summary of the hirings and layoffs that made headlines in Canada in October 2023. Hirings NorthVolt arrives in Quebec. A new battery factory, NorthVolt Six, is under construction on the south shore of Montreal. The factory will be dedicated to the assembly of sustainable, high-quality battery cells production and will also have […]


The symptoms of the “Great Resignation” are persisting

The rising cost of living is taking its toll on employees in Canada, who are experiencing financial difficulties as well as struggling to manage heavy workloads. This seems to make the phenomenon of “the great resignation” persist, according to PwC Canada’s annual survey. Almost one in four Canadian employees is likely to change their employer in […]

Not to be missed

National Job Fair 2023 – 17th edition

This is the 17th edition of The National Job Fair in Montreal. The National Job Fair will be held, this year again, in the spectacular exhibition hall of the he Olympic Stadium. Visitors will be able to find companies from sectors as varied as aeronautics, pharmaceuticals, education, government services, health, transport, security … Free admission for the […]


A review of hirings and dismissals – September 2023

Here is our summary of the hirings and layoffs that made headlines in Canada in September 2023. Hirings The Quebec government has granted $644 million in funding to a consortium formed by Ford, EcoProBM and SK On for the construction of a battery materials production plant in Bécancour. This project will create more than 345 […]


Generative AI disrupts the world of work

Generative AI in the workplace translates into both productivity gains and risks for employers, argues KPMG Canada in a study published in June. One in five Canadians would use generative artificial intelligence (AI) at work or in their studies, according to KPMG Canada; 18% of people do it daily, 34% a few times a week, and 26% […]


A review of hirings and dismissals in Canada – August 2023

Here is our review of the hirings and layoffs that made headlines in Canada in August 2023. Hiring The Canadian government has invested more than $160 million in nine solar energy projects in Alberta, creating hundreds of jobs. These projects will generate clean energy and reduce emissions equivalent to those of 47,000 gasoline-powered cars per […]


5 physical and psychological symptoms of remote work

Adopted by the majority of workers since the pandemic, remote work is particularly appreciated for the flexibility it offers and its advantages in terms of work-life balance. However, research has shown that working from home can cause certain problems to morale as well as to overall health. Studies, conducted from 2020 to 2022 by the World Health […]


A second job to counter the effects of inflation?

According to a survey by BDO, a debt solutions company, inflation is causing half of Canadians to cut back on their spending. Other strategies for regaining purchasing power include diversifying sources of income. However, finding a second job or supplementary activity to make ends meet is not without its drawbacks. The survey, conducted by Léger among […]


A review of hirings and dismissals in Canada – July 2023

Quebec and Canadian companies have recently made layoffs while others have announced the creation of new positions. Hiring PortsToronto, the company that owns Billy Bishop Airport in downtown Toronto, will soon be home to a US Customs and Border Protection (USCBP) facility. This pre-clearance system could lead to the creation of 32,400 new jobs, according […]

Rights and labour standards

Freelance work: late payments and financial insecurity

Late payments on online platforms and mobile apps are causing great frustration among freelance workers, according to a recent study by Payments Canada. This survey shows that more than half of respondents express dissatisfaction with the problems associated with their remuneration.   The freelance economy is now a mainstay of employment for more than one […]


A review of hirings and dismissals – June 2023

Companies have recently made layoffs while others have announced the hiring of new employees. Balance sheet. Hiring The Entosystem company, which produces insect-based proteins, opened a new factory in Drummondville at the end of May. It is actively recruiting to fill the 70 jobs that have just been created. Federal government investments are expected to […]

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