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Job loss: a real trauma

Whether due to restructuring, redundancy or professional misconduct,  a job loss is inherent to professional life. Often underestimated, the resulting shock is a real trauma and can lead to post-traumatic stress equivalent to an accident or assault. How can you cope with it? Leaving a job overnight is a traumatic event for anyone who is […]

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3 pro tips to communicate effectively even remotely

Do you feel that since your team has been working remotely, rapport has been lost, exchanges are more laborious and there are more misunderstandings? This impression is well-founded. Explanations and advice from communication psychology expert Guillaume Dulude. For the doctor of neuropsychology and communication specialist Guillaume Dulude, our difficulties of communicating effectively through layers of […]


Hiring and dismissals in Canada – June 2024

A review of some hirings and dismissals in Canada in June 2024 OC Transpo held its second job fair at Greenboro park-and-ride in Ottawa to address ongoing workforce shortages, particularly in drivers, leading to service disruptions. The agency aims to recruit hundreds, including 450 bus operators, 36 Para Transpo operators, and 48 rail network trainees. […]

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Temporary Work – Ways to Be Productive Right From the Start

You have been hired to replace an employee on sick leave or to carry out a one-time project. In other words, you are on job for a specific period: six months, a year or more. Doesn’t matter. In this temporary position, you have to be productive as quickly as possible. Here are 6 ways to […]

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How to Explain Frequent Job Changes to an Employer?

Although employees are in favour of the practise of frequent job changes, employers, on the other hand, see it as an inability to be engaged and a risk of losing new arrivals too quickly. 57% of Canadian workers believe that changing jobs on a regular basis can be beneficial, especially in terms of salary. At […]


Hirings and Layoffs in Canada – May 2024

Here are some companies that made headlines following announcements of major personnel movements in May 2024.   HIRINGS AtkinsRéalis Canada, the Canadian division of the former SNC-Lavalin, must hire massively to meet the growing demand for energy infrastructure, particularly for Hydro-Québec. The president, Stéphanie Vaillancourt, emphasizes that the company will recruit not only engineers, but […]


12 tricks on how to find a job using LinkedIn

In 2003, LinkedIn saw the light of day and, from that point onward, it became indispensable for job seekers… if they know how to use it. On LinkedIn, there are  millions of companies and  millions of members. But, how do we expand our network without losing ourselves in the biggest professional, international network? Thinking about […]

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Is the Cover Letter Out of Date?

Often feared by job seekers, the cover letter seems to have lost its significance in the eyes of recruiters. Will the new decade sound the death knell? The idea of bringing out one’s notions of literary composition can make the hair of many job seekers stand on end. This is especially true since the cover […]



Here are some companies that made headlines following announcements of major personnel movements in April 2024. LAYOFFS Taiga, manufacturer of off-road electric vehicles, today announced the layoff of 70 employees and a temporary interruption of its production. The Quebec company, specializing in the sale of snowmobiles and electric watercraft, motivates these measures by the current […]


What an IT Resume Should Include…

The CV is the first link between you and your potential future employer. In the information technology field it is an indispensable tool. For Anne-Marie Deslauriers, recruiter and president of the Delan firm, it is unthinkable not to name your technology skills in your IT resume. And they must be presented clearly, in chronological order, and […]

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5 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Burning Your Bridges

A survey conducted by the Robert Half firm revealed that the context of the pandemic has led nearly half of Canadians (47%) to call their career into question. Here are some avenues for reflection to analyze before making the leap. What do I want from my career? According to Jean-Claude Laurin, workplace and organizational psychologist, […]



Here are some companies that made headlines following announcements of major personnel movements in March 2024. The Just for Laughs Group (JPR) is sheltering itself from its creditors and canceling the 2024 edition of the Just for Laughs festival. The company also laid off 75 people, which represents 70% of its workforce. The company founded […]

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