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How do you unearth those hidden job offers?

Going through employment sites and replying to job offers on display is the usual way to find work. On the other hand, not all offers are advertised, some are hidden job offers. 80% of all job offers are never announced. How do you find vacancies in this famous, hidden job market? 1. Word-of-mouth The legends goes […]

Oddly enough

An internship for a mystery company? Would you do it?

The platform Blindapplying.com makes blind calls to candidate for businesses that are hiring and wish to remain anonymous. Take a look at this new recruitment method. Blind Applying’s concept can be frightening at the beginning: sending out your CV without a cover letter and without knowing which business selected you until the interview. Deutsche Telekom—set […]

Company life

What should we think about social media in business?

Studies about social media in business are increasing and contradictory. Both employees and employers have arguments to support their own view. But one fact cannot be disputed – in a few years, the working world will be mostly occupied by young people born post-Facebook. So why not start getting ready now? For the well-being of employees In […]

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10 things changing with the gig economy

According to some observers, the gig economy—sometimes called the freelance, shared, or odd jobs economy—marks the end of full-time employment for future generations. What is the gig economy? According to Daniel Mercure, professor of the sociology department at Université Laval, who is greatly interested in the phenomenon, the gig economy indicates a work environment where […]

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Beat the competition with these 4 tricks in your job search

Convinced that you’re the ideal candidate for that coveted position? But you aren’t the only person being considered? How do you stand out from other candidates? Here are four effective ways to beat the competition. 1. Generate hype Your CV is perfectly constructed, clean, and concise, but never attracts recruiters’ attention? It’s probably boring. If […]


The guide to coworking in Montreal in 2017

Shared workspaces are flourishing in Montreal, to the delight of freelancers and startups looking for economical and flexible accommodation. The short guide to coworking in Montreal.   A change of atmosphere and meeting new people – these are the two reasons often cited by self-employed workers for renting an office in a coworking space.  However, it’s […]


Investors can be easily approached with these 3 tricks

Approaching investors—those fortunate people supporting start-ups—represents a challenge if your contact network is limited. Here are some tricks to improve your chances of capturing their attention. Targeting investors You have decided to present your business in events attracting investors and entrepreneurs? Excellent initiative. The hiccup? They may not necessarily understand the market in which you […]

Rights and labour standards

Five little-known facts about labour standards

Can my employer ask me to work on public holidays? Can I choose my own vacation weeks? Here are five little-known facts concerning labour standards. In What Cases Must an Employer Pay for Work Clothes? Jocelyne Cotnoir—lawyer and Assistant Director of Legal Affairs at the Commision des normes, de l’équité, de la santé et de […]

Pay and benefits

5 Ways to Boost Your Income in 2017

Most of us wouldn’t mind a little extra cash at the end of the month without necessarily having to work 90-hour weeks at many different jobs to get it. How can you boost your income when you’re already scrambling to save money? Here are 5 suggestions.   Ask for a Raise and Claim What you […]

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5 ways to adapt the workplace to Millenials

Born between 1982 and 2000, the famous Millenials joined the labour market with ambitions and attitudes problematic for current business culture. How do you adapt to this new generation? Perpetual feedback To mobilize members of generation Y, you need to make them feel that their work changes things, explains Julie Bouchard, certified human resources professional and […]

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Sedentarism: Is fighting its side effects a losing bet?

According to a new study, one hour of physical activity is enough to counter the negative effects of sedentary work. For some people, physical activity isn’t asking much, but for others, it takes a lot of effort. Is fighting sedentarism a losing bet? Not if we make an educated gamble. A Norwegian and British study, […]


Portfolio Careers: a Trend That’s Here to Stay!

Accountant, writer, lecturer, or professor: we can be all of these at once. More and more workers aspire to having a multifaceted career, several jobs or positions, at once. Called a “portfolio careers”, it is gaining in popularity. Companies wanting to take advantage of the talents of these multi-tasking workers will have to learn to […]

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