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Oddly enough

To Improve your Memory, Move!

A team of Canadian researchers recently concluded that aerobic training is beneficial to improving memory. The health benefits of training have been recognized for a long time: better fitness, reduced stress, refreshing sleep, improved concentration, etc. But now researchers at McMaster University in Ontario are going further by suggesting that physical activity has a positive […]

Career management

Retail – Do you Have to Start at the Bottom of the Ladder?

Is starting at the bottom the best way to begin your career in the retail trade? Even after several years of studies and a degree in hand, it is very common to begin at the ground floor. Dynamic in terms of recruitment, the retail trade is very open to applicants without a degree. Employers are […]

Jobs search

Lights on The Passive Job Search

The hours tick by on the clock in your office. Again today you felt like you were dying slowly. You cannot keep on with this job, but you don’t have the finances to quit without having a Plan B. How do you discretely search for a new job? Lights on the passive job search. According […]

Company life

A Call Centre Telecommute Job is Now Possible!

To attract and retain employees, call centres are modernizing and even offering telecommuting… under certain conditions. The image of small cubicles in a windowless call centre room is changing. These conditions were certainly not unrelated to the high turnover rate of the industry (the average employment duration is one year). With competition, employers had a […]

Company life

Is Friendship at Work Good for Productivity?

Friends make us happy, of course, but is friendship at work good for productivity? According to an Accountemps survey of Canadian employees, 61% of participants felt that their productivity was better when they had friends among their colleagues. Various psychological and managerial explanations can explain these results. According to the results of a second survey […]

Company life

Beware of negativism in business

No one is safe from overindulging in a bad mood for a passing reason (broken computer, crazy customer, bad-tempered boss…). However, when this sourness persists, it can easily give way to a certain negativism that will affect colleagues’ work environment. Don’t delay reacting and doing the right things before it’s too late.   Causes and […]

Jobs search

How to Promote Yourself to an Employment Agency ?

Making a good impression with an employment agency can open many doors! Our advice on how to promote yourself to an employment agency. The network of employment agencies in many cases provides opportunities to get a good job. Sometimes neglected, the relationship with your agency can be decisive. “Having a good understanding with your advisor […]

Jobs search

How to Search for an International Job?

Do you want to work in a luxury hotel in Bora Bora? Here are some tips to search for an international job.   The first question is, is it the same sending your CV here or elsewhere? The answer is yes. “The format for CVs is pretty standard, no matter which country you are in,” says […]

Jobs search

7 Awesome Job Search Resolutions for 2018

Whether you have been seeking a new job for several months or whether changing company is part of your good resolutions for 2018, you will have to take some initiatives to find an offer that suits you and convinces employers. Here are 7 awesome job search resolutions for 2018. 1. I will review my CV Whether […]

Jobs search

Should Graduates Prefer SMEs or Large Companies?

For many graduates, wondering about what type of organization they would like to work in still seems to be a minor issue. Yet the daily working life in a SME generally is completely unrelated to that in a multinational. How are you to choose the type of organization that suits you best? Each type of […]


Record Shortage of Manpower: 361,700 Vacant Positions

In the 3rd quarter of 2017, the private sector had 361,700 vacant positions, according to the Canadian Federation of Independent Business (CFIB), a record number. 2.8%: this is the vacancy rate, the proportion of vacant positions compared to all jobs available in the private sector across the country. The provinces most affected are British Columbia […]

Company life

The poison of cigarettes at work

Many companies seem to want to help their cigarette-addicted employees quit smoking. Whether this gesture is a sign of benevolent selflessness or the result of a rather disinterested manoeuvre by the employer, smokers and non-smokers will only be better off. For this, a lot of energy, will, support and care will be needed.     […]

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