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Chief Happiness Officer for a happy employee in a company

It is not insignificant that there is a trend in companies to recruit a Chief Happiness Officer. According to a recent study, a happy employee is two times less sick, six times less absent and nine times more loyal. This new transversal function, still with blurred edges, has the goal of attracting talents and retaining […]


Decline of unemployment rate: Even closer to full employment!

Decline of unemployment rate – Statistics Canada has released employment data for September, and the news is excellent! The unemployment rate was the ninth consecutive monthly decline (-0.1% in August) to 6.2%, the best performance in eight years. Who are the main beneficiaries of this encouraging statistic? The 28,000 or so workers aged 55 and […]

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Accepting Our Failures: How Failure Can Let You Get Ahead!

Failure can let you get ahead! – In a society where success (personal, emotional, professional or family) is valued and celebrated with love and praise, failure is the ultimate taboo, synonymous with weakness and being a shameful loser. We hide it. Yet this is the best driver there is! So, how can failure can let […]


60,000 ICT Student Internships in the Next 5 Years

ICT Student Internships – The Government of Canada will contribute to the creation of 60,000 practical internships for students over the next five years. The ICTC (Information and Communications Technology Council) forecasts a labour shortage in the digital sector: 216,000 vacancies in Canada by 2021, and employment growth four times that of the global economy. […]


Succeeding with recruitment interviews by telephone

After sending your CV for a job offer or a spontaneous application, the recruiter sets an appointment for a first telephone interview. Don’t underestimate this meeting and don’t miss this opportunity by failing to prepare for this telephone interview. Here are some tips and tricks so that you will be confident and professional when the […]

Career management

Students at Work : Market Overview

In restaurants, along the shelves of grocery stores or at the cash of shops, many students make an attempt to reconcile temporary work with studying. Quebec is one of the provinces with the highest number of full time students with a job, behind Manitoba. What type of position do they choose and under what conditions? […]


Half of Canadians still live from one paycheque to another

The Canadian Payroll Association conducted an online survey of over 4,700 people representing a wide range of sectors across the country. It reveals that Canadians put little money aside. Living from one paycheque to the next is daily life for half of Canadians. The Canadian Payroll Association survey found that 41% of the country’s employees […]

Company life

4 Good Reasons for Working Four Days a Week

Each time you decide to take Friday off or when a holiday falls on a Monday, do you tell yourself when you go back to work that really, weekends should always be three days? Why not start this way of working? It has many benefits, both for you and for your employer. 1. Good for […]


Review of Hirings and Layoffs – September 2017

A summary of businesses that hired or laid off employees during September 2017. HIRINGS The world of video games is doing well in the province! The proof is the announcement of Ubisoft to hire 1,000 people in the next few months. The French video game giant plans to add 675 employees to its studio in […]

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Preparing for tomorrow’s occupations

All the studies, surveys, analyses point in the same direction: automation and robotization are revolutionizing the world of work and, in turn, the occupations, learning and status of workers. Overview of what lies ahead by 2030. Digital technology in the cognitive age A report from Dell and the Institute for the Future suggests that the […]

Rights and labour standards

Half of employees shop from the office

The day after Thanksgiving is not the most productive day of the year for employees: 49% of them take advantage of Cyber Monday to shop online from work. Robert Half Technology conducted a survey on the practice of shopping at work in connection with Cyber Monday among 1,400 IT managers and 1,400 employees at least […]

Career management

Non-Traditional Workers : Trend Overview

Non-traditional workers – Freelancers, self-employed workers, contract workers, remote workers, consultants… There are more and more non-traditional workers. Following the realities of the labour market, which goes for flexibility, adaptability and so-called “agile” business models and recruitment, they now constitute 20 to 30% of Canadian workers. Brief overview of a trend that is gaining momentum. […]

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