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Balance your agenda…. to keep going

We are a generation that consumes life to the fullest, no compromise. We want a career, a family life, children and we want to keep a happy love life.  All that in 24 hours during which 8 hours are generally spent sleeping.  Result, we look at ourselves one morning, rings under our eyes, 35 years […]

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Unemployment : The weight of unemployment on health

You would think that by not working we would have more time for exercise. However, that does not seem to be the case. Results of a study on the impacts unemployment has on health. We think that unemployment will finally give us enough free time to do sports, take care of ourselves and eat healthier. […]

Rights and labour standards

Five little-known labour standards

Can my employer ask me to work on public holidays? Can I choose my own vacation weeks? Here are five little-known facts concerning labour standards. In what cases must an employer pay for work clothes? Jocelyne Cotnoir—lawyer and Assistant Director of Legal Affairs at the Commision des normes, de l’équité, de la santé et de […]

Company life

Top 10 steps to improve your office organization

Improve your office organization and avoid piles and files! Improve your office organization – There are recurring themes that I have seen as a small office consultant for over the years. I will outline how to best approach a common challenge – too much visible paper! It can be overwhelming and interfere with productivity. When I’m invited […]


Wage Increases Announced for 2018

Morneau Shepell published its Human Resources Trends in early August, which reveals that employers anticipate a wage increase of 2.3% on average for 2018. 2.3% wage increase on average for next year is a bit better than the 2.2% of this year. Employers are cautiously optimistic, with four times more counting on better financial results […]

Rights and labour standards

Personal e-mails at work : Employers rights

In Canada, case law considers office computers a production tool under the responsibility of employers, who therefore have the right of control over all employee files and e-mails. Other countries are still debating the issue, however. All Canadian companies can determine their own standards as regards privacy at work. In particular, management can forbid the use of computers for personal e-mails at work. In the event of […]

Rights and labour standards

Moving towards uberization of the labour market?

In 2016, 100,000 companies around the world were identified as being related to the sharing economy. Many of us seem to be interested in it: the consumer with collaborative consumption (Uber), the citizen with a collaborative lifestyle (cohousing), the entrepreneur with collaborative financing (crowdfunding) or the average person contributing to collaborative production (Wikipedia). But what […]

Career management

7 Good Reasons to Acquire Work Experience During Summer

Working during summer vacations is an excellent opportunity to acquire work experience in a pleasant way. Yet you are torn between taking it easy and seeking a summer job. Here are some good reasons to swap vacations for a summer job. Rebuilding your finances The first good reason to work during the summer is… to […]

Rights and labour standards

Management rights or abusive management ?

There’s a very thin line between management rights and psychological harassment when it comes to leading a team effectively. How to be a good manager without stepping over the line? Many policies and laws require organizations to protect the victims of abuse. Employees who feel violated must have access to several forums that allow them to […]

Career management

Paternity leave : From a business perspective

Is parental leave becoming increasingly for men? There is reason to think about it at a time when large companies such as Spotify and Amazon announce that they want to encourage paternity leave. While some people say it is progress toward more equality between men and women, others still see it as an obstacle. Some […]


Predictive recruitment – a boon for the candidate?

While predictive models have been around for more than two decades – especially in marketing and finance to predict consumer behaviour – for some time now they have experienced positive development in the field of human resources. Will predictive recruitment enable recruiting candidates with the ideal profile and predict their performance in relation to the […]

Company life

Music while working – are you in favour of this habit?

Music while working are you in favour of this practice? Do your colleagues’ conversations disturb you, are you having a hard time concentrating, or can you simply not go without music for even a few minutes, so you always work with earbuds in your ears? If so, you are far from being the only one, […]

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