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Sleep deprivation could have an impact on decision-making

The American journal Sleep recently published the results of a study showing that sleep deprivation greatly affects decision-making and the capacity for analysis and judgement. This is something we should bear in mind, since it appears that Canadian workers seem to be stringing together nights with too little sleep during the week. We already knew […]

Pay and benefits

Compensation negotiation: think of the benefits!

There’s more than just salary to compensation negotiation. If your future employer cannot make a purely financial effort, you may be able to obtain benefits that are just as interesting.  Why would benefits work when salary won’t budge? Companies, especially major corporations, sometimes have salary scales that they cannot escape from without the risk of […]


When a sabbatical year and students mix

Appearing in Britain in the 1960s, then spreading to the Commonwealth countries, including Canada, the sabbatical year merits interest by students. First off and to clarify a critical point, for this experience to be fulfilling personally and of value to an employer, it must be structured around a project. In other words, you don’t sign […]


Here are the ABCs of building a professional portfolio

A portfolio is no longer a privilege for design, photography, or graphics professionals. It serves as a tool to demonstrate your strengths and achievements to potential employers. Here is how to make a successful portfolio. Forget a portfolio with photos, colours, and sophisticated designs. Outside of the art sector, a professional portfolio should be plain. […]


Exaggerate on your CV

You have just exaggerated on your CV and “embellished” the truth. You have put “bilingual” when you only really know a few everyday English words? Then have you just added a required qualification in the foolish hope of getting an interview? What’s the problem? Come one! Didn’t your parents teach you that lying is bad!  […]


Resume tips: What your hobbies say about you

At the end of your resume or LinkedIn summary, mention that you practise yoga or are a passionate photographer. It gives the recruiter a sense of the kind of person you are. But this information speaks more about your personality than you know. Put hobbies on your resume? Pfff, many agree that this is the first […]

Company life

How to successfully return to work in the professional world

The return to work after having taken parental leave, sick leave, a yearlong sabbatical, or a long trip, can sometimes be as exciting as it is frightening. Here are two experts who share their advice on seamlessly reintegrating back into the professional world. Whether an intentional or unintentional interruption, when the time comes to step […]

Career management

Joining a social network

Joining a social network on the Internet means that you are going public with all the benefits and drawbacks. Here is how to control your public image. Facebook’s existence cannot be ignored; tens of millions of people use this site more than other social networks like MySpace, LinkedIn, Viadeo, Spokes, and so on. These networks […]

Company life

Spirituality at work: what is its place in the workplace?

Spirituality is a highly personal, delicate subject. Nevertheless, studies demonstrating its impact on productivity support that it seems to have found its way into work. Forget all those references to a divine or supernatural power: spirituality is now free; religious decline in many western countries have laicized it. Other beliefs now nourish our inner lives; […]

Company life

From Colleagues to Friends

Why not make friends in the office  It improves team productivity and makes your surroundings more pleasant. If only there were good reasons to befriend our colleagues. Theory tells us to leave our emotions at the office door, but it’s more complex than that in practise.  Emotional ties inevitably create work problems.  So, how can […]


CV Typos can be costly for applicants

25% of managers say they do not consider applicants who make a single typing error on their CV, according to a study conducted by Accountemps, a division of Robert Half. In the era of tweets and text messages, candidates will have to demonstrate more and more vigilance in writing their curriculum vitae. According to the […]


The real risk? The last five minutes of an interview

You have spent a good hour putting in tons of effort to look interested, dynamic, perceptive, curious, and—five minutes to the end—you lose your balance and wipe out. One last question knocks you off your feet, you let out a thank you that sounds fake, an innappropriate gesture right as you’re leaving. Here is some […]

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