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Your CV in 10 questions

It only takes up between two and three pages yet its appearance is constantly changing. Here are some tips from human resources professionals on updating your CV. 1. Should the CV be ordered chronologically or by competency? Matthieu Degenève, founder of l’Oeil du recruteur, answers, “With standard CVs, I prefer a mixed formula with information […]

Pay and benefits

Benefits: Apply for a job at this grocery store and get land!

When looking for a job, we think about more than a salary – there are also benefits such as the type of car or flexible hours. The Farmer’s Daughter Country Market is offering something a bit more original. How are they to attract candidates when it is a small business located and a small island […]


A professional resume written by a professional

Finding a job requires knowing how to properly communicate your message. People are trained for it. Have you ever thought of paying someone to write you a professional resume? Here are your options. “It’s nice to have the best skills in the world, but it is still the CV that gets you an interview,” says Guy […]


Tomorrow’s job market: what can we expect?

Jobs will be the key to Canada’s economic recovery, according to Toronto’s C.D. Howe Institute. In a recent note published at the beginning of the month, the think-tank established findings and proposals urging Ottawa to act with regard to employment insurance, dissemination of information, education and inclusion policy. Finding a place on the job market […]

Career management

Is office politics central to a successful career?

Accountemps has published the results of a survey on office politics. It turns out that more than half of Canadians are involved in it in some way, and many think it is essential for getting ahead in their career…   Office politics play an important role in the workplace. At least this is the opinion […]

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Catching the job bus

Roulo-Boulo’s mission: If you cannot go to the job; the job will come to you. Roulo-Boulo is a job bank, in a bus, that roams around downtown Montréal helping youths—between 16 to 35 years old—find work. Painted a visible orange, the Carrefour jeunesse-emploi (CJE) bus was a tremendous success last year and will come back […]

Company life

Agile management : How to implement it in your business

The concept is nice in theory: an organization must have an agile management. But, how do you implement this management culture within your organization? And how does it work on a daily basis? The concept of agile management  “Basically, the concept of agile management stems from the IT world, where projects are often very heavy […]

Career management

Career : Is the community sector for me ?

The community sector is a particular world closer to the human element and far removed from corporate motives. An experienced member of this sector tells us about its advantages and characteristics.  When we asked Amélie Lafortune-Lauzon on the essential qualities of communal work, she answered without so much as a preamble. “You need to want […]

Company life

Working with your dog: pros and cons

A few days a week, Violaine Boucher arrives at work with Rocky, her two-year-old labradoodle. She is not alone in doing this: over 15 Moment Factory employees bring their dogs to work on a regular basis. An overview of this new trend within companies. Its many benefits According to a US scientific study published in […]


Oddball interview questions

Some recruiters commonly use odd—to say the least—interview questions to catch candidates unprepared. Glassdoor has published the cream of the crop in terms of strangeness, but be forewarned, some of them will leave you scratching your head! While candidates try to prepare for recruiters’ trick questions, they cannot possibly imagine some of the unexpected things […]

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Social media: HR is sensitive to candidates’ faux pas

In the digital age, posting comments on social media has become commonplace. However, it is not without harm and can cost job applicants their job. This is what a recent study revealed, published by Office Team, a division of Robert Half. Before hiring, human resources managers do not hesitate to consult candidates’ profiles on social […]


Cities in western Canada are more favourable to entrepreneurs

According to the 8th annual report on Entrepreneurial Communities published by the CFIB, the cities of Western Canada appear to be the most dynamic in terms of entrepreneurship this year. As are the outskirts of large cities. There are several pieces of information to keep in mind in the final report from the Canadian Federation […]

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