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5 Networking mistakes that undermine your approach

Do you have a strong handshake and live to meet people? Is this enough to efficiently network? Avoid these 5 networking mistakes that risk wiping out your efforts. 1. You don’t network often enough More often than not, we enter networking mode when we want something: a new job, a reference, or a meeting with […]

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Working from home: Know how to keep your distance

Working from home (for a few days to an entire week) is increasingly in demand and businesses are especially offering it to attract young candidates. But be careful not to leave the office on a moment’s notice. In theory, working from home makes everyone happy: less work space for an employer to manage, more employee […]

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Millennials are concerned with quality work, survey finds

A survey conducted by the Indian recruitment firm Jombay concluded that millennials prioritize their work quality. Surprising, when this generation has a reputation of cutting corners… The facts are striking. When asked what motivates them at work, 80% of the 2,800 surveyed millennials reported that work quality was most important. They also look for this […]

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Job Search: 10 good resolutions for 2017

You have taken a well-deserved break over the holidays, so now is the time to recharge. Here are 10 good resolutions to your job search and to make to snag the job of your dreams in 2017.   I will update my CV This is one of the first things that employers look at – […]


2016 retrospective: The Labour Market, Top 10 News

  2016 Retrospective: the top ten news of the labour market Banks – Major Canadian banks (CIBC, BMO, National Bank, Laurentian, Desjardins, etc.) all justified their cuts in personnel with their need to adapt to customers shifting towards digital platforms. Media – The media funding model is in crisis mode. Thus, media groups (TC Media, Rogers Media, […]

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Career management: Quebecois look to the future

A recent survey found that Quebecois do not look kindly on their old employers. Only 17% of Quebec respondents would return to their previous employer during their career, this rate increases to 40% in the rest of Canada. Here are some striking facts from this comparative survey. Do you have nostalgia for an old job? […]

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Office holiday party

Yes, the countdown has started and the end of year parties are overflowing our diaries.  Between the office holiday party and Aunt Annette’s there remain only a few time slots available to answer to the requests of our CFO who wants to finalize the budget for the end of the year! How do we stay calm […]

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Management tricks to inspire your team to do more

As an entrepreneur, is motivating your work team still a big challenge? There is no miracle cure, but you are the best person to motivate them by example. Here are some inspiring management tricks. Offer flexible hours Every day give your employees breaks to recharge (while ensuring they respect their commitments), it will help them […]

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The right to work, people with disabilities included

Illness, accident, congenital disorder, lost self-confidence, disabled, subsidization, adjustment, taboo, prejudice… these are the many terms that are, all too often, used to describe people with disabilities during a job search. Despite the harshness of this reality, figures from Statistics Canada are encouraging with regards to the work placement of people with disabilities. But how […]

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Road work: How is it impacting human resource management?

Road work has seriously impacted human resources which consequently have repercussions on productivity. However, two recently published surveys—the first on members of the Ordre des conseillers en ressources humaines agréés (CRHA) and the second on salaried Quebec employees—revealed that not many businesses are protecting themselves against the negative repercussions caused by the road work. The […]

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Recruitment tests of tomorrow, both adaptive and friendly

When recruitment tests and technology combine, candidates could not be happier. Recruitment tests that adapt themselves to your answers… They exist! Designed like a game, you can do them on your cellphone. By putting candidates in a familiar environment, these tests give increasingly accurate results on their personalities, skills, and even values. Adaptive test for […]

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Most Quebec mothers work, compared to other women.

Most Quebec mothers work. Women who live in Quebec with a spouse and child are more likely to hold a job than other women. This is what a study by the Institut de la Statistique du Québec reveals, published recently on the occasion of International Women’s Day. A look at its findings. The Canadian labour […]

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