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Company life

Vacations : Time to relax and unplug from work

For some managers, vacations time can bring unwanted stress and be hard to plan. Let’s see how we can address this.  Extended vacations Too many managers only take a week off at a time because they fear taking three weeks or more in a row. While the “zero cell phone/portable computer” message is quite acceptable […]

Career management

Workers over 55 represent close to a third of the labour force in Quebec

Each year, they carry more weight in the labour force. In 2014, 31.2% of workers were aged 55 and over. The government would like to have this group remain employed for as long as possible. It is the highest level of representation in the employed labour force since 1976. At a rate of 31.2%, there […]

Company life

Telecommuting, more popular than ever!

The value of a work-life balance, be it to attract talent or to promote employees’ well being, has made teleworking a major trend and it only seems to be growing! Less than 10% of Quebec workers work remotely. However, that is changing. According to a recent survey by Accountemps Canada, the agency specializing in temporary […]

Career management

Prepare for retirement: 5 elements to consider

Six Canadians out of ten made no contributions to their retirement savings in 2014, according to a RBC survey. However, a majority seem to be preoccupied with the idea of being short of funds if they were to live to 100. But how should Canadian workers prepare for retirement? According to the RBC, there is […]

Oddly enough

Japan is considering a law to compel employees to take holidays

We already know the propensity of Japanese workers to work too much and suffer the adverse effects on their health: intense stress, depression, hypertension, suicide, strokes…  There is even a word there for death from overwork: “karoshi”. In 2012, the Japanese government compensated 813 families who were able to show a link between the death […]

Company life

Is too much sitting hazardous to your health?

Sitting too long can be as harmful to your health as cigarette smoking.  A news report broadcast at the end of last month on ICI Radio-Canada’s programme Découverte  talked about a work habit which is more dangerous than it seems, and proposed some solutions. Back pain, weight gain, increased risk of certain cancers, diabetes, hypertension… […]

Company life

Co-workers: the reason why nearly half of Canadians would stay at their jobs

Even if they are not happy with their job, 43% of Canadians are willing to stay at the same position because they get along with their co-workers. Salary and employment benefits are less influential, according to an online survey of 500 people across the country, conducted by Randstad staffing agency. The key to happiness at […]

Jobs search

Why deal with placement agencies

Why do job hunters turn to placement agencies? Here are the advantages and disadvantages. In 2012, according to a study from the Commission des normes du travail (CNT), 46% of temporary placement agency workers had no choice but to use them to apply to jobs that interested them. What you need to know before passing through an […]

Company life

New job, new challenges

Accountemps asked over 600 employees and supervisors what they considered to be the greatest challenge to overcome when they take on the duties of a new position. According to the Accountemps survey, learning new processes and procedures tops the greatest challenges to be overcome when taking on a new job, both with employees (49%) and […]

Company life

Employees’ biggest fear? Making a mistake

There it is. 29% of office employees say that their biggest fear in their workplace is making a mistake. The survey conducted by Accountemps with 277 Canadians puts fear of failure in first place, ahead of managing difficult customers (17%), public speaking (16%), conflicts with colleagues (14%) and conflicts with a superior (12%). To avoid […]

Pay and benefits

Salary negotiations: when it pays off to be outrageous

Those who dare abandon their self-consciousness or affected shyness when comes the time for salary negotiations and ask for the sky may be richly rewarded. Read on. This tip—or rather this revelation—comes from the results of a study published in July 2011 in the Journal of Applied Social Psychology. Conducted by Todd J. Thorsteinson of […]

Rights and labour standards

Legal framework for online pre-employment background checks

Pre-employment background checks. It’s tempting to check out candidates online. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google are full of public information available in just a few clicks. Élaine Léger and Karine Fournier, two labour lawyers with Fasken Martineau, note that the legal framework of such searches is the same as in the real world, however. Recruiters […]

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