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Career management

6 keys to a successful presentation

Presentations to teams or decision-makers is a recurring exercise for the project manager. How do you avoid putting your audience to sleep? What techniques are there to pass your message on effectively? 1 – Don’t rush into PowerPoint “The worst thing to do is to create your own material directly without having thought about your […]

Company life

Company Culture – How to Find the Ideal Employer

Looking for an employer is becoming more and more like looking for… a spouse! An increasing number of employees are looking for the perfect match. A recent survey by the Robert Half firm reveals that 2 Canadians out of 5 would be willing to turn down the job of their dreams if they disagreed with […]


The Exit Interview and Why it Matters

When an employee resigns it is becoming more and more common to conduct an exit interview. How is it conducted? What do you gain from it? We spoke to Émilie Pelletier, CHRP and HR marketing and communication strategist at HRM Group. Less known than the hiring interview, the exit interview is gaining popularity among organizations […]


Sustainable Finance – a Way Forward

With the transition to a greener economy, a panel of experts believes there will be immense needs in “sustainable finance”. What’s it all about? Investing in building renovation for better energy efficiency, taking out a “green loan” to finance a project oriented towards sustainability or supporting innovation in green technologies: these are all practical ways […]


Review of hirings and layoffs – December 2018

Here is a review of the companies where jobs were created and others were lost in December 2018. HIRINGS The consulting firm Accenture announced in late November 2018 its intention to create by 2020 no less than 800 new positions related to the digital economy. The company, present in major Canadian cities, has 5,000 employees. […]

Career management

How to Adapt to Automation

The most apocalyptic forecasts say there is a high probability that jobs will be destroyed en mass by artificial intelligence and automation. The most optimistic believe on the contrary that technological progress creates jobs. Reality is somewhere in the middle. There will certainly be changes, but you can anticipate them and train yourself accordingly. Developing […]

Not to be missed

Digital Transformation – Companies Are Not Prepared!

Technological developments are transforming the way work is done, yet it seems that companies are reluctant to adapt accordingly. This is what a study by Avado and Censuswide has found. A training specialist, Avado wondered how employers are implementing apprenticeship and skills development programs to prepare for the digital transformation. It turns out that most […]

Jobs search

Job Search Tips to Forget

The world of employment is not what it used to be. As well, certain classic job search tips no longer apply, according to Forbes magazine, which recently drew up a list of tips to discard. To be a good job seeker of the day, here are recommendations and general advice not to follow. The job […]

Jobs search

Focus on the snow removal industry

They’re busy on our streets during winter and you hear the sounds of their trucks from inside our homes. Snow removal is a part of our daily lives, but do we really have an idea of what their job is? Overview on a trade that is little known but which can be very attractive to […]

Pay and benefits

Flexibility in all its forms

A recent survey commissioned by the Robert Half recruitment firm reveals that despite the efforts made by their employers (bonuses, benefits, paid leave, etc.), North American employees want to have access to flexibility that employers are still reticent to provide. Among these are a flexible schedule, a condensed work week and the possibility of remote […]

Not to be missed

Tips for Developing Better Dashboards

Dashboards can be very good company management tools. They allow for better organization and a high-level overview of the goals to be accomplished. Here are some tips for building good dashboards. Choose the dashboard according to your needs A dashboard can be built for operational steering, such as to ensure task performance, to compile the […]

Career management

Clinical Nurse Specializing in Infection Control and Prevention ­­­­­­­­– What Does She Do?

Hospital-acquired infections are a major problem for the health care system and are the subject of increased surveillance. In Quebec, the Ministry of Health and Social Services indicates that in health care institutions 10% of persons admitted will contract this type of infection during the care or treatment received. Several studies have demonstrated that setting […]

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