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Rights and labour standards

Reducing the Wage Gap Between Men and Women

On average, the wage gap between men and women has diminished over the past twenty years in Canada, although there are still disparities, according to Statistics Canada.  In 1998, women earned an average of $22.34 per hour, compared to $27.51 for men, a gap of 18.8%. In 2018, the gap shrank by 5.5 points, to […]

Career management

How Do You Juggle 2 Jobs?

42% of Canadian workers have more than one job and one-third run their own business, according to a Sage survey. Whether for financial issues, to start a new business or to expand your network, you might be considering another job in addition to your main job… But how can you successfully juggle the two without […]


The 5 Professions that Champion Happiness at Work

What makes you happy on the job? Ask your dentist the next time you visit him, because this profession holds the top position of the very firstLeger Workplace Happiness Index (LWHI) , recently unveiled. Doctors, hairdressers, real estate brokers and managers are also at the top of the charts. Overview. The LWHI survey was conducted […]

Company life

Working Part Time, Good Question!

Going back to school, personal project, health problems… These are some reasons that could lead you to want a part-time schedule. How do you put the big request to your boss? Some ways to go about it… Choose the right time “It’s not a wish that you make in public. It’s out of the question […]

Career management

Temporary Employment – a Variety of Job Opportunities

Gone are the days when temporary employment was reserved for day labourers in factories. Here is a compilation of fields that increasingly depend on temporary workers to meet growing labour needs. You might be surprised!   1. Specialists in Human Resources. This advisor will be involved in various matters such as skills management, employee relations, […]



Here is a summary of the companies where jobs were created and others were lost in October 2019. Hirings Quebec IT Services giant CGI has announced a major expansion of its Chicoutimi offices. Over the next three years, 100 new employees will be added to the 700 already in place. The CGI Center of Excellence […]

Jobs search

5 Essential Apps for your Job Search

What if the job of your dreams was at your fingertips, on your phone? Here are some apps to help job seekers in their daily quest. LinkedIn… the app The platform is well known and recognized. The app uses your profile already created on LinkedIn and your recent searches to select the best jobs for […]


Make the Labour Shortage Play to Your Advantage

In the time of the shortage of labour, employers are ready to invest a great deal of effort to attract (and keep) their employees. In this context, what are the winning strategies for job searchers? You’re worth more than just diplomas Are you short the level of diploma required but dreaming of a particular position? […]

Rights and labour standards

What’s Changing in the New Labour Code?

Canada’s new Labour Code came into force on September 1, 2019. It guarantees more unpaid leave and breaks for 900,000 federal employees. More breaks One of the changes made by the Canada’s new Labour Code since early September is 30 minutes of unpaid break after each period of five consecutive hours of work. Note, however, that […]

Career management

When Casual Employment Is a Career Choice

While freelance or contract employment is not what all workers would choose, some people deliberately opt for this type of work, whether for professional or personal reasons or a combination of the two. There are many reasons to choose to work only occasionally, despite the precariousness that this can sometimes cause: better work-family balance, longer […]


Summary of hirings and dismissals – September 2019

Here is a summary of the companies where jobs were created and others were lost in September 2019. Hirings Amazon has announced plans to open a new order processing center in Scarborough, Ontario. The one million square foot warehouse, heavily robotic, will still need to hire no less than 600 new full-time employees. This will […]

Rights and labour standards

Employers: How to Enable the Right to Disconnect

The right to disconnect is a very current issue in the workplace. Although employees feel a certain pressure to stay “hooked” to their electronic devices even after work hours, companies can implement practices that help disconnect. In Quebec there is no law governing not being connected to work after office hours, although the issue is […]

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