Job Search: 10 good resolutions for 2017 |

Job Search: 10 good resolutions for 2017

You have taken a well-deserved break over the holidays, so now is the time to recharge. Here are 10 good resolutions to your job search and to make to snag the job of your dreams in 2017.


I will update my CV

This is one of the first things that employers look at – is the information on your CV up to date? An “Available from September 1, 2016” will lose more than one opportunity by indicating either that you are unfocused or that you have probably already found a job. You might have followed some courses or attended seminars since the last time you looked at your CV. Report them.

I will network…  And return the favour

Updating also applied to your social media profiles. With regards to online reputation, a neglected LinkedIn profile is a leading mistake to avoid. In 2017, update the information, and especially connect with new people who could be useful to your job search. And don’t hesitate to ask your existing network. Finally, and above all, make the resolution to return the favour if you ask for help – you won’t get anything with the reputation of being someone who takes without giving!

I will dare to do new things

Have you not yet dared to use personally oriented tools such as Facebook or Twitter to find a job? Make the leap this year. Companies are open to innovations – although the action was not appreciated by everyone, Amazon made good use of Tinder to find engineers! Believe that everything is possible. You can also take advantage of your good resolutions to make a video CV, register on new job sites or for the first time go in the door of a recruitment agency.

I will pay attention

It’s not simply a question of being proactive to get results from a job search. More passive monitoring, based for example on setting keywords to receive a regular report of articles on companies or sectors, can bear fruit. The beginning of the year is often a period of good intentions for employers as well…  A company that signs a new contract will not necessarily immediately announce its hiring needs, yet these needs are indeed imminent! By keeping informed about this news as soon as it is published and offering your candidacy right away, you could get ahead of your competitors and stand out.

I will position myself as an expert

Wouldn’t it be great if instead of approaching employers, it was them that contacted you directly? Impossible? Not at all! By making yourself known and being known as an expert in your field, you can reach this goal, especially if you have a specific speciality. For this, take part in group discussions on social media, comment on articles, set up your own blog…  providing for all relevant, original and intelligent content which will convince employers of the necessity to include you in their workforce.

I will organize my research

This is a mistake most candidates make – they send so many CVs that they don’t know where to turn and make blunders. Don’t wait to be reminded before finding out in depth about the employers you are trying to be hired by, even if it seems like a waste of time. Imagine being a recruiter that you have contacted and having to ask him, “Uh, what business are you in?” The opportunity will quickly slip from your grasp! So do your research and especially get organized, possibly in a spreadsheet. With a simple glance you will be able to note the main facts about one of your target companies: size, business, news, location, date applied…

I will expand my search criteria

If you have been looking for a long time and have not yet found a job, 2017 should be the time to review your requirements…  Not necessarily downwards, but differently. You can expand your geographic area, try your luck in small businesses if you have only been targeting large companies up to now, or even accept a less attractive salary in return for flexible hours.

I will maintain the pace

A job search is a full-time job. Fortunately, you are rested and have pumped up morale after vacationing with your family, so you can now set a schedule and stick to it. For example, choosing ads from 9am to 10am, sending applications from 10am to noon, researching companies from 1pm to 3pm, follow-up telephone calls from 3pm to 4pm, and getting ready for interviews from 4pm to 6pm. Dividing up the day is a way of staying motivated without getting overly stressed – set up a routine to keep up the pace for as long as it takes.

I will try unsolicited applications

Answering job offers can seem more sure, since you at least have the certainty that the company needs someone. However, unsolicited applications also work! That is, provided they are well targeted and you have convincing arguments. There’s no point applying to an employer who has just announced a series of layoffs. However, a small business that is growing rapidly might need you.

I will be original… If it’s worthwhile!

You haven’t done everything, and you could have THE right idea to attract recruiters’ attention. But be careful – this isn’t for everyone. Your job needs to be ready (with creative companies, for example), and your shot will be successful! Don’t take the risk of getting millions of views on Youtube for the wrong reasons or you will find yourself ranked among the worst initiatives of 2017 next December…

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