Knowing how to celebrate victories in the company seems profitable

Knowing how to celebrate victories in the company

Has the era of congratulations and rewards finally arrived in the company? Will employees be able to be congratulated for a particular achievement, like athletes who never fail to celebrate a victory? Realizing that celebrating a success could be beneficial for both the employee and the company, managers and business leaders are now giving free rein to their imagination to adequately highlight both small and big successes.


Small gestures with unexpected consequences
What if your manager decided to congratulate you for the excellent initiative taken last month, thank your team for meeting a deadline this quarter, reward your service for achieving an intermediate goal as part of an annual project, highlight your five years of seniority in the company or organize a party with an awards presentation highlighting each person’s qualities? Wow, that would make you turn your head! But you should know that your boss will be there to offer all these rewards. Development of an employee and recognition of a job… it doesn’t take much more for the morale of your colleague Alexander to be in good shape, so that Diane’s motivation improves, so that Victor’s feeling of belonging to the team increases tangibly, so that Shanelle is even more productive and so that Diego overflows with positive energy. A virtuous circle is thus created – a positive work climate, highly committed employees.


When the background is not so trivial
While it is not always easy, as an employee, to accept congratulations, remember that your boss could also have some difficulty in giving you compliments or highlighting your team’s great accomplishment. It’s not always easy for a manager – who only has figures, tables and ratios in mind – to embark on a well-felt, perfectly clear, ideally targeted speech to congratulate an employee. Indeed, finding the right tone and the right word, and adding accuracy and sincerity is not for everyone. Beware of going off-topic in ways that could be counter-productive, even devastating. Imagine your manager starting to congratulate you as he should but ending up accusing you of having a bad attitude during a seminar. Or the team leader who, in a meeting to highlight the great work of the team, taking the trouble to mention everyone’s contribution… except yours.


To each exploit its own type of congratulations
Underline, highlight, reward, celebrate your feats… your boss is definitely well motivated to take action. A big strike on the Tibetan gong to mark a new sale of your service (it must be known!), and an email to relay the congratulations of a client during a presentation, a note to appear in the internal newspaper highlighting the exploits of such a service, posting on a bulletin board the notes of satisfied customers, setting up a wall of successes where each person would display the successes of the month… If your manager thinks big and if he is very generous, besides these small informal touches, he can mobilize more energy, money and time to invite you to the restaurant, organize a humorous awards ceremony or even develop an online shop at which rewarded employees could enjoy themselves…


In the end, it is important to underline the involvement and successes of an employee. Don’t wait for fantastic results to show your gratitude. He could become discouraged, exhausted, or even tempted to go and see if the grass isn’t greener elsewhere.



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