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How to Learn English… Faster!

Bilingualism is more than an asset when you want to work in a call centre. How can you master English faster? Some tips.

It’s easy to converse in English with friends, but things can sometimes get complicated when you find yourself in a professional context where you have to sell, negotiate or respond to dissatisfied and demanding customers. It’s then a question of understanding the nuances and responding tactfully.

To make progress in English quickly, Nancy Locke, professor of English and translation at the Université de Montréal advises focusing primarily on listening and practising the language: “Children learn their mother tongue by listening to their parents talking and singing nursery rhymes to them,” she recalls. “You have to immerse yourself as often as possible in a language bath.”

Listen to your favourite English songs, dissect them and sing them!

“Music emphasizes pronunciation, which is particularly beneficial in English, which is rich in tonic accents,” the professor explains.

Watch documentaries rather than movies

The register of the language is often sustained more and the tone more controlled than in a movie intended for the general public. In this way you will enrich your vocabulary and improve your syntax. You can also activate the English subtitling. According to Ms. Locke, “by using both our hearing and vision, we repeat the information and memorize it more easily.”

Listen to a replay of a radio broadcast or the audio version of a book

In this case, you will not be able to fall back on the writing. However, it will always be possible to go back and listen again to some passages to memorize them better.

Register for some language meetings

With your progress in comprehension, now is the time to move on to practice. For example, you could go to some Meetup meetings which promote practising English in a relaxed and friendly environment. “Toastmasters meetings also help to overcome timidity and become a real orator,” Ms. Locke says.

Do theatre in English

If you are already at a good level but would like to improve fluency in the language and give yourself a boost for memorization, dive into theatre. Your progress will be even more spectacular if you choose improvisation.

Whatever you choose, have fun. Motivation is a powerful driver in learning languages. It will let you persevere, succeed and stand out.

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