Is too much sitting hazardous to your health? |

Is too much sitting hazardous to your health?

Sitting too long can be as harmful to your health as cigarette smoking.  A news report broadcast at the end of last month on ICI Radio-Canada’s programme Découverte  talked about a work habit which is more dangerous than it seems, and proposed some solutions.

Back pain, weight gain, increased risk of certain cancers, diabetes, hypertension… Studies that point out the risks related to prolonged sitting are proliferating around the world, and are prompting us to rethink our work habits. Louise Beaudoin, in her report broadcast on ICI Radio-Canada’s programme Découverte, put forward a few ideas to help workers to spend a little less time seated.

Walk while you work

This is the solution proposed by Dr. James Levine of the United States. A few years ago, he developed a fully-equipped office including a treadmill, allowing employees to walk at a constant speed of 1 km per hour all the while continuing to type at their computers. The idea is to remain standing and active.
The results, as calculated by the health of workers who tested the device two hours per day, are convincing.  They quickly experienced a decrease in weight, blood pressure and cholesterol.

Set your phone alarm every hour

Of course, not all offices will be able to procure such a device overnight. But, according to Dr. Levine, other solutions exist such as holding your next meeting standing up, or setting your phone to remind you every hour to stand up and walk around for a few minutes. Enough time to get a glass of water, for example.

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