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What Can You Negotiate (Besides Salary)?

It can sometimes be difficult to negotiate salary as such, because companies respect ranges that depend on position, experience, seniority, etc. But there are other elements you can try to get for better remuneration and better quality of life. Find out which.

Work time and terms
The work time schedule and the possibility of adapting it to favour the work-life balance is a question that many employers are ready to do more on, aware that it is a problem faced by most workers. Among the elements you can try to get are remote work, avoiding excessive commuting time, extra vacation days and staggered schedules (which let you start earlier to avoid the traffic and leave earlier to pick up your children from school). 

Benefits in terms of commuting
The company can cover your commuting expenses. This can include paying for gas and related expenses when you come by car, providing you with a transit pass, reserving a parking spot near the offices, or even letting you use your company car for certain personal travel.

Technological benefits
If you have a business cell phone, laptop or tablet, your employer can allow you to use it privately as well. Beware, however, this is a negotiation that will not likely to have a happy ending if these devices contain sensitive or confidential information: the company will not want to take the risk of a hack or loss of data. However, if you work from home occasionally, it might pay all or some of your phone and internet subscription. 

Insurance and retirement
Medical care is expensive! Some employers will agree to help you maintain your health by providing coverage for various types of care (dental, eye care, etc.). The retirement and life insurance plan can also be subjects for discussion.

Various benefits
Gym membership, meal reimbursement, child care, professional development and opportunities for advancement, a more interesting job title, tuition allowance, exceptional bonuses, share purchase, gift cards to spend in your favourite store… Be imaginative: if the employer hasn’t thought about it, you could give them ideas and not only get those benefits for yourself, but also improve the day-to-day lives of all employees in the company!

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