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5 Networking mistakes that undermine your approach

Do you have a strong handshake and live to meet people? Is this enough to efficiently network? Avoid these 5 networking mistakes that risk wiping out your efforts.

1. You dont network often enough

More often than not, we enter networking mode when we want something: a new job, a reference, or a meeting with an important person. But, to get what we want, we need to network often and, in the long term, see it through to the end. People rarely give you work after the first encounter,explains the Quebec regional vice-president for the recruitment agency Robert Half, Michael OLeary. This happens after more meetings. After they have taken their time to identify an individuals skills and are at ease with sharing business needs.

2. You arent prepared

For OLeary, who has perfected his networking skills for over 20 years, the gravest mistake is participating in events without a specific plan. He believes, Many people take networking for granted. For them, its an amusing cocktail party, but they leave without adding anything valuable. Its fun, but we want to conduct business, find a job, make contacts, and increase our social circle. In order to be well prepared, he advises inquiring about attendees and their professional background. I like refreshing my memory by looking up their faces on LinkedIn.Affirms O’Leary. If you dont want to miss your chance, it is essential to aim for people with whom you want to build a connection.

3. You dont go off the beaten track

Dont hesitate to attend events outside of your field because not all opportunities are found at job fairs. An association activity open to all, charitable events, or even sports competitions are networking opportunities. Who knows what contacts can be made while rooting for your kids on the soccer field?

 4. You’re too persistent

Another golden rule is to give before receiving. OLeary, who advises to always give a reference or service if an opportunity arises, states, You should always offer to help people get positions because they can give you a hand when its your turn. Without hiding what we are looking for, dont try to get what you want right away. This gives other people the impression that you are an opportunist. This could close people off who would have been open to helping if we had only given them a little bit of our time.

5. You don’t follow up

The next day, you should follow up with the people you met at the soirée and then you should maintain contact with them every once in a while, even once every couple of months. An interesting article, a job offer, a trip to their home region, are all good reasons to catch up or send an invitation to get coffee. It is impossible to increase your contact network without taking the trouble to maintain it.

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