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Networking in the Pharmaceutical Sector – the Key to Success

Although there are many jobs in the pharmaceutical sector, they are often out of reach for a variety of reasons. This is where networking becomes important.

“In the pharmaceutical field, networking is essential,” says Svelt Kristo, founder and director of the Access Pharma Training and Community Networking Circle. “It’s a great door-opener…”

Some benefits of networking

        Being aware of opportunities
“It’s extremely difficult to get a job in pharmaceuticals without experience,” says Svelt Kristo. “In addition, positions are rarely posted. Internships can be an avenue, but how do you hear about them if you have no contact? Networking is a game-changer.”

        Putting a face on a name
There is nothing better than staying in the minds of potential employers. “It’s the role of human resources to skim off the pile of resumes, but someone on the team can help by mentioning that so and so would be interesting for the job. This often gives the candidate a more direct entry into the company,” says Svelt Kristo.

        Sharing knowledge
In addition to facilitating meetings with employers or potential colleagues, networking groups sometimes provide an opportunity to attend conferences and workshops. “The people who are invited to speak are passionate and willing to help others,” says Svelt Kristo. “Who knows where this might lead?”

Networking groups to know
Across Canada, many organizations are keen to help pharmaceutical professionals advance their careers. Here is a non-exhaustive list of interesting resources:

       Cercle de formation et réseautage Accès Pharma
Located in Montreal, the Circle offers many integration services, including regular networking meetings.

        The PSG (Pharmaceutical Sciences Group)
Between training and conferences, the Pharmaceutical Sciences Group (PSG) offers networking meetings in Montreal, Winnipeg and Toronto.

        Club de marketing pharmaceutique du Québec
This club provides industry workers with access to continuing education, professional development and networking activities.

        BioTech Annecto
The organization specializing in networking regularly brings together several professionals from the pharmaceutical field in Montreal.

        The ISPE Canada Affiliate
From Vancouver to Halifax, Toronto and Montreal, the ISPE Canada Affiliate offers several activities for networking: skiing, climbing, tasting… All good reasons to get together!

Happy networking!

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