New job, new challenges |

New job, new challenges

Accountemps asked over 600 employees and supervisors what they considered to be the greatest challenge to overcome when they take on the duties of a new position.

According to the Accountemps survey, learning new processes and procedures tops the greatest challenges to be overcome when taking on a new job, both with employees (49%) and with supervisors (39%). Getting to know a new superior and new colleagues ranks second place in concerns for 23% of those interviewed. Taking third place is integrating into the company’s culture (15% of employees, 21% of supervisors). Finally comes mastering new technologies and new tools (7% for employees, 14% for supervisors).

Helping employees integrate

Fortunately, most companies, especially large corporations, offer integration programs including training in the technological tools and in official procedures. But new employees must also involve themselves in their integration, and do everything they can to understand the culture of this new company. Employers can also encourage them to get to know their colleagues in a less formal environment, for example by allowing them to take their lunch outside or organising activities outside office hours. Another technique consists of assigning a “mentor” to a new recruit, an experienced staff member who can support them in the first few weeks and advise them on the attitudes to be adopted to best integrate.

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