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Change Management Specialist - Senior - Telephony [1802-445-1]

May 9 2018
Industries Recruitment, Employment services
Categories Project Management, Business Analysis, Management, Consulting, Telecommunication, Project management, Personal Care, Wellness
Montreal, QC

Arobas Personnel is looking for a senior change management specialist-Telephony for a 9 months mandate in Montreal.

Role description:
This role is responsible for facilitating the rapid and effective adoption of new processes and technologies across the business. This typically involves an assignment to a project and working with business sponsors and key business stakeholders to identify the requirements for change management support. I&T includes understanding and applying appropriate change management interventions for a given client environment, conducting impact assessments, evaluating results and presenting findings in a logical and easy-to-understand manner and developing targeted change management plans: communications, sponsorship, coaching, training and acceptance management.  It also involves addressing all communication, training and end-user support requirements, and assisting in the development of or developing a change management strategy based the needs of the project, the details of the change and the groups being impacted by the change.

Summary of tasks:

  • Assess change management requirements for projects deploying new, or improved, technologies.
  • Define high-level approach for change management
  • Provide labour and material estimates for delivering the change management component of a project
  • Perform detailed audience analysis and organization impact analysis. This includes risk assessment, role mapping/access and software/hardware usage assessments. These deliverables are completed in conjunction with project/business stakeholders.
  • Develop sponsorship, communications, training and business engagement strategies.
  • Develop labour relations strategy, if needed. Determine key performance metrics, business readiness and competency measures.
  • Develop detailed communication and training curriculum and build related materials.
  • Engage and guide the key business stakeholders to actively lead or support the adoption of the change
  • Execute communications to build awareness, understanding and buy-in for change and conduct business readiness assessment.
  • Prepare trainers, coordinate logistics, deliver training and evaluate effectiveness.
  • Deliver end-user support (e.g. on-site support, war room support, telephone coaching, remote assistance, making on-line self-help available, etc), monitor behaviour change/performance and complete knowledge transfer.
  • Apply, and ensure compliance with, all appropriate I&T standards (eg. Security, Architecture, Project Delivery Methodology, SOX, etc.)

Mandatory skills:
10 years

Specialties:   Telephony project (Telephone swap, Jabber, WebEx, CrewTalk, nine Help Desk/Call centre systems, Client Facing systems)

Assignment:  General I&T

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