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Client Service Specialist (24 months)

June 17 2024
Industries Legal
Categories Customer Service, Call Centres,
Toronto, ON • Full time

This position is responsible for providing Tier 2 Client Lawyer Service Centre (CLSC) services to clients who choose to access Legal Aid Ontario (LAO) by telephone and online chat. This includes interviewing legal aid applicants over the phone to obtain the legal and financial information necessary to decide whether a legal aid certificate should be issued, or if alternative service is appropriate.

This is a 100% Work from Home position.

Reporting to: Team Manager, Client and Lawyer Support Centre

• Assisting callers in a contact centre environment and by providing assistance in priority sequence
• Determine applicant's legal eligibility for legal aid service, following advanced guidelines set out in LAO's policy and procedures
• Actively solicit and analyze applicant's financial eligibility for legal aid service, based on understanding of the applicant's financial details and LAO's policies and procedures
• Making a decision whether or not to issue a legal aid certificate, based the applicant's legal and financial assessment, and LAO eligibility policies
• Explaining where, when and how to access non-certificate services available to applicants, including, local legal service centres, legal clinics, duty counsel, and the lawyer referral service
• Clarifying status of specific legal aid files, in response to telephone inquiries from clients
• Entering and maintaining client files and details in customer relationship management (CRM) software, spreadsheets, databases, and other tools
• Responding to queries and complaints in a professional, courteous manner and providing referrals to appropriately address requests for further information
• Documenting client issues and escalating to other LAO departments as appropriate
• Identifying areas of improvement and voicing ideas to help build a strong foundation for a client service delivery structure grounded in best practices
• Working with exposure to emotionally charged situations, e.g., providing information to agitated clients
• Performing back office file review, decision making and processing duties for certificates and/or contribution agreements
• Other related duties as required

• Excellent customer service skills with the proven ability to empathetically manage difficult client relationships while effectively resolving outstanding issues or problems
• Ability to efficiently elicit and process the necessary information from a diverse clientele, reasoning out and making sound judgements around eligibility
• Excellent verbal and written communication skills with a demonstrated aptitude for interviewing
• Organizational skills with excellent attention to detail and the ability to multitask
• Knowledge of the larger social justice network in which LAO operates
• Proficiency with Microsoft Office Software
• Experience in supporting clients in an online chat environment is considered an asset
• Demonstrated Proficiency in oral and written French (as well as English) is an asset

Organizational Competencies Expected
• Client Focus
• Adaptability and Flexibility
• Personal Motivation and Accountability
• Focus on Quality and Best Practice
• Problem Solving and Judgment
• Organizational Awareness
• Teamwork and Collaboration

To apply submit a cover letter & résumé.

Additional Requirements:
A dedicated computer system with all required software will be provided to successful candidates throughout their employment, including an Ethernet cable that will need to be connected to an employee provided high-speed home internet connection.

Sufficient actual bandwidth must be available during business hours in addition to any personal use in the home. Minimum employee home internet requirements include:

Internet Type:
- Supported: Cable, DSL and Fibre
- Not Supported: LTE, Satellite or Wireless
- Recommended Minimum Internet Package Posted Speeds: Download: 75 Mbps/Upload: 20 Mbps
- Actual required speeds during business hours: Download: 25 Mbps/Upload: 10 Mbps

The candidate's existing internet provider and package will be validated during the pre-screening process, based on the physical address provided for the candidate's remote work location. In some cases, employee internet speeds may need to be increased in order to meet business needs. Only those candidates selected for an interview will be notified.

Currently, the virtual live mandatory training is scheduled between (full participation is required):
- Monday September 09 to Wednesday October 02, 2024, and
- Tuesday November 12 to Wednesday December 11, 2024

This position may also require occasional travel to LAO offices upon request.

This position is collectively represented by the Ontario Public Service Employees Union (OPSEU) Local 525 and, therefore, union dues will be deducted bi-weekly.

Note: If a permanent employee, currently represented by OPSEU, is the successful candidate for this opportunity, they will return to their home position at the conclusion of this assignment, if the position continues to exist.

Please note that all applicants are encouraged to provide a valid email address for communication purposes. Applicants may receive written correspondence regarding this job posting directly to the email address provided on their resume or to the one used to set up their Candidate Profile if applying on Njoyn. As an applicant, it is your responsibility to ensure that you check your email regularly.

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