Landscaping Associate – Level 2 (Bobcat Operator) Job in Calgary for Boardwalk |

Landscaping Associate – Level 2 (Bobcat Operator)

June 18 2021
Industries Real Estate
Categories General Labor, Warehouse, Hospitality, Catering, Tourism, Technical services, Maintenance, Trades, Manual, Operator, Machinist, Trades, Technicians, Construction
Calgary, AB
Job Responsibilities:
  • Ensure the health, comfort and safety of our Customers
  • Ensure daily communication with all site Associates
  • Ensure site cleanliness, by picking up all garbage including pet waste around the site and assisting at other sites as required
  • Remove heavy furniture, garbage and appliances from suites and around site as required
  • Complete Customer Request’s For Maintenance (CRFM’s) as required
  • Snow and ice removal, sanding and salting, completion of snow and ice removal logs
  • Lawns; cut, trimmed, watered, edged, and free of weeds
  • Applying weed killer and fertilizer as required
  • Ensure all trees, hedges, and flowerbeds are free of weeds and trimmed and dead trees are removed
  • Removal of flower beds and shrubs that are unsightly or not possible to maintain effectively
  • Parking lots: sweep, wash, lines and keep all catch basins clear of foreign debris
  • Fences: repaired and/or stained as necessary
  • Building exterior: eves cleared, siding, lights working, signage clean and visible
  • Spring clean-up: hazard line painting, irrigation start-up, power washing, planting, filling potholes, etc. as determined by the spring landscaping plan
  • Fall clean-up: leaf removal, close off (blow out) irrigation; winterize gardens and beds, trees trimmed, etc.
  • Painting halls, suites, parkades & other areas as assigned by the Area Coordinator
  • Ensure contractors arrive as per scheduled timelines and complete their work as per the conditions of contract
  • Ensure proper and accurate inventory management
  • Complete other tasks assigned by the Area Coordinator
  • Flexible on-call hours required between the hours of 6 am through 9 pm (including weekends)
  • Proper operation and maintenance of all landscaping equipment, specifically Bobcats and heavy equipment (tractors, sweepers, small and large bobcats)
  • Ability to operate the Bobcat and also perform regular maintenance and tune-ups to the bobcat and attachments
Experience and Educational Requirements:
  • 2 years Landscaping Service experience preferred
  • Minor mechanical experience an asset
  • Professional training and experience with landscaping equipment (example: Bobcats)
Technical Requirements:
  • Working knowledge of English both verbal and written
  • Driver’s license required
  • Ability to operate a Bobcat and train others to do so in a safe manner
  • Ability to operate smaller equipment including sweepers, lawn mowers, snow blowers and small tractors
  • Familiarity with computer tablets is an asset
Non-Technical Requirements:
  • Strong commitment to providing excellent customer service
  • Dedicated to building better communities for all our Customers and surrounding communities
  • Ability to take responsibility for all actions and decisions and to follow through
  • Exceptional problem-solving and decision-making capabilities
  • Strong planning and organizational skills coupled with ability to multi-task and prioritize
  • Excellent time-management skills
  • Ability to work independently (self managed) and with other Associates in a team environment
  • Ability to learn quickly, adapt to change and be flexible in nature
  • Displays a high level of initiative and commitment to success (striving toward Boardwalk’s mission statement)
  • Demonstrates a positive attitude, enthusiasm and assertiveness
  • Ability to spend up to eight hours walking, standing, climbing stairs, lifting
  • Ability to maneuver up to 90kg with the proper equipment
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