Technical Trainer-Tactical Air Support Simulation and Training Job in Halifax for Lockheed Martin Canada |

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Technical Trainer-Tactical Air Support Simulation and Training

January 15 2021
Industries Airspace, Aviation, National Defence
Categories Aerospace, Aviation, Airport, Defence, Security, Test, Flight Simulation, Training
Halifax, NS

Specific Job Description

  • Participate in training serials in the Synthetic Environment Advanced Combat Operator Trainer (SEACOT)/ Synthetic Environment Advanced Warfare Operations and Leadership Facility (SEAWOLF) training simulators
  • Provide training support in the Tac Air Role to include:
    • Act as primary input for Long-Range Patrol Aircraft (LRPA), Shipboard Helicopter, and other Airborne Assets information and interaction with other game participants
    • Provide for the development of BLUE, Red, and White Pattern of Life (POL) development to support realistic simulations
    • Assist in controlling the flow of game play
    • Supervise and manage the participation and performance of other Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (ISR) and Air Contact Control Room staff (In Coordination With (ICW) Department of National Defence (DND) supervisor for DND personnel)
    • Work closely with other Warfare Commanders to provide accurate and engaging air support to all warfare areas
    • Coordinate training requirements (ICW Game Controller)with Royal Canadian Navy (RCN) instructors before and during scenarios
  • Facilitate mentorship and performance feedback to RCN instructors, including feedback on command level/net discussions/communications that instructors may not have access to:
    • Support training in the role of other Warfare Commander positions as required
    • Support the Navy by providing instructors with SME lesson plan integration support and scenario development
    • Support the RCN and Lockheed Martin Canada Inc. (Lockheed Martin) teams with the provision of warfare expertise in the development of realistic scenarios to support multi-faceted warfare training
    • Provide classroom and Trainer mentoring support
    • Act as Lockheed Martin lead for Air Platform capabilities, tactics, simulation and realism by keeping up to date on platforms and tactics through liaison with RCN and Royal Canadian Air Force (RCAF) tactical authorities
    • Recommend operational insertions that will make the SEACOT/SEAWOLF classrooms more effective for their intended purpose
    • Liaise with Lockheed Martin’s on-site Configuration Management (CM) and Data Management (DM) as required
    • Conduct tours and provide demonstrations of the SEACOT/SEAWOLF as tasked by DND
    • Identify (with the aid of instructors) and report discrepancies between application contents and operational systems functionality
    • Work with minimum supervision and following common company processes.
As a member of our team, the successful candidate contributes to our key projects as follows:
  • Work independently within a Department of National Defence (DND) Naval Training Development Centre Atlantic, and Naval Fleet School Atlantic by providing operational support for the warfare command roles in training scenarios using the SEACOT and the SEAWOLF training simulators
  • Support instructors by determining how to incorporate SEACOT/SEAWOLF into lesson plans and how to conduct operational scenarios to support training. This includes conducting training scenarios in command roles of mission-based scenarios. As a training facilitator, you will liaise between DND and Lockheed Martin staff to report defects and areas for enhancement. The Lockheed Martin staff with which you will liaise consists of Halifax-based software developers and support services
  • Add value to the Lockheed Martin a new business capture and product improvement by providing Command Management System 330 (CMS 330), trainer and related naval domain subject matter expertise to naval programs and product improvement initiatives.

Business Environment

Lockheed Martin Canada is the Canadian-based arm of Lockheed Martin Corporation, a global security and aerospace company employing 98,000 people worldwide, including nearly 1,000 Canadians. By applying innovative approaches of our highly skilled and experienced Canadian workforce, we have been Canada’s trusted defence and aerospace partner for over 75 years. We operate major facilities in Ottawa, Montreal, Halifax, Calgary and Victoria and work on a wide range of major programs from advanced naval technology products and unmanned systems software to providing delivery and in-service support of the latest military aircraft to commercial engine repair and overhaul capabilities.

Required skills, qualifications and experience

  • Diploma from a recognized school or military/civilian technical training with 3-5 years of professional experience
  • Recent experience or demonstrated capacity to perform in the role of coordinating Maritime Air Support operations and procedures – Air Combat Systems Officer (ACSO) / Crew Comd with LRPA and/or Cyclone experience, or Significant Shipborne Air Controller (SAC)/Shipborne Advance Air Controller (SAAC) experience at sea.
  • Tactical understanding and experience with the employment of Air assets in the maritime environment
  • Experience with the tactical employment of the Aurora Block 3/4 and/or Cyclone would be considered an asset
  • Understanding of and experience with Tactical Air Support of Maritime Operations (TASMO), and the employment of Anti-Air Warfare (AAW) aircraft (Airborne Early Warning (AEW), Combat Air Patrol (CAP), etc.) would be considered an additional asset
  • Recent Experience with Voice Comms and Naval and RCAF maritime tactics is necessary
  • Recent experience or demonstrated capacity to lead teams of Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) in complex problem solving, planning, scenario / training development activities
  • Knowledge of CMS 330 and associated trainers would be an asset
  • Solid working knowledge of Microsoft Office
  • Recent experience or demonstrated capacity to instruct in a classroom environment is an asset
  • Training and experience with course scheduling, authoring training materials, and applying these in the trainers is an asset
  • Strong analytical and communication skills.

Desired skills, qualifications and experience

Equal Opportunity Statement

Lockheed Martin Canada is an equal opportunity employer that values diversity in the workplace. We are committed to excellence in serving all customers, including people with disabilities, and we encourage feedback on the provision of these services.