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Optimizing a Job Search with Google

Google is a particularly effective tool for targeting interesting job offers, since it enables a quick and personalized search. Here are some tips for finding the job that’s right for you.

Although many candidates first use job offer websites to find a job, Google is also a resource to consider for finding great career opportunities.

Specify your criteria

You can begin by typing into Google’s search box keywords that relate to the position sought, including the word “job” to see several results appear that may meet your skills. Results can also be filtered by determining a job category, publication date, name of the position or company, or the work schedule (full time or part time, for example). So that Google only displays content related to the exact terms you have entered, select the “Tools” tab then click on “Verbatim”.

Target your work environment

By using the Google Maps search bar you can find a job near you or in a specific neighbourhood. After setting a given location, only job offers near it will appear in the results. You can also target companies in a specific industry based on their valuation and relevance.

Setting alerts

It may be a good idea to set Google alerts to be quickly informed by email when new job offers are posted online. These notices group the most recent jobs offered, based on your interests, which are posted on multiple job platforms. You can also choose the frequency they are sent at and how many alerts you will receive in your email.

Check your online presence

To look good in the eyes of recruiters (who are likely to consult your online profile) it is recommended that you do a Google search of your name to make sure there is no harmful information that could harm your candidacy. Although it’s not always possible to remove all content about you on the web, a little housekeeping of your posts and photos on social media will improve your image and increase your chances of landing a job that meets your ambitions.

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