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Temporary Work – Ways to Be Productive Right From the Start

You have been hired to replace an employee on sick leave or to carry out a one-time project. In other words, you are on job for a specific period: six months, a year or more. Doesn’t matter. In this temporary position, you have to be productive as quickly as possible. Here are 6 ways to make it happen.

Take a break
This first piece of advice might sound strange, but it is good to take a break between two jobs. In her article 13 Ways You Can Immediately Be Productive in Your Job, Val Wright, a business management consultant, explains that a week of vacation is the minimum needed to decompress and recharge your batteries. In this way you will arrive at your new position fresh and available, ready to face any challenge!

Be informed
To avoid arriving in a totally unknown environment, find out as much as you can about the history, values and projects of the company you are joining. In addition, as soon as you arrive, be curious and ask questions of your colleagues (in moderation, of course!). Listen, take notes and adapt. This will prevent you from committing a faux pas.

Take care of the relationship with your boss
Be proactive with your boss by asking directly how he likes things to be done. According to Val Wright, employees who have a transparent and trusting relationship with their boss deliver the goods more.

Get organized
Be a master of organization! Become independent in no time by taking simple actions such as saving the access codes you need (so you don’t have to ask your colleagues every time!). Also, never put off until tomorrow what you can accomplish immediately. After all, your days in these places are numbered!

Get involved
Once you have learned your tasks, get involved in the life of the company. Even if you are only there for a limited period, participating in activities (team lunches, parties, golf, etc.) will facilitate your integration, as well as increasing your motivation and leaving a good impression of yourself. Who knows if you might be called upon to work there again?

Set goals for yourself
Taking your tasks and responsibilities into account, create your own short, medium and long-term goals. This will let you have a clear idea of what you can accomplish during your assignment.

If necessary, ask for help, whether from a mentor, a colleague or a professional coach. This will ensure that you start the job on the right foot and at the right pace!

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