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3 Tips to Ensure the Success of Your Projects

For more than 15 years, Nadia Walji has worked as an independent project manager for various advertising agencies. Here are 3 tips for successful project organization.

Be creative in developing solutions
According to Ms. Walji, the best tip to carry out a project is to be able to quickly find solutions to problems that may arise. “It often happens that you are confronted with a situation that no one had thought of. You need to be able to quickly find creative and original solutions. And you have to be able to offer different options, both for the client and for the team.”

And when problems occur, she says, the best thing to do is to accept things as they are. “You have to follow the movement and think outside the box to find solutions that will satisfy everyone.”

Be well organized
In her opinion, good project organization is also one of the keys to success. “As a manager, you have to manage both the time required for the project, as well as to work closely with the team and the client. The project has to be managed on all fronts at the same time.”

“To do this, all steps of the project have to be planned, while maintaining some flexibility to adapt to the various situations that may arise.”

Have good communication abilities
No matter what kind of project a manager is working on, communication is fundamental to the job. As Ms. Walji explains, “first you have to ensure that the team members have a good understanding of the project they are working on. They have to know that if they encounter an obstacle they can count on us at all times and, above all, that communication is open and works in both directions.”

Communication with the client is also essential. “The client has to be able to follow the project’s evolution throughout the process. As a manager, you have to be sure that you understand the client’s expectations. And if they want to make changes in the course of the project, it has to be established with them if it will entail additional costs and if more time will be needed. It is important that he feels that he can talk to us honestly and that communication remains open at all times.”

So according to Ms. Walji, creativity, adaptability, organization and good communication abilities are essential qualities to ensure the success of our projects.  

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