Three recruiting trends to watch in 2022 |

Three recruiting trends to watch in 2022

Working remotely, bankruptcies, the “ great resignation ”: huge changes have turned the employment world upside down since the spring of 2020. And it’s far from over. A study by talent management solutions firm Robert Half, published in December 2021, found that “28% of Canadian workers plan to look for a new job in the first quarter of 2022.”

In spite of the background of uncertainty, recruiting trends are emerging for 2022. How do you attract or retain resources that will make a difference within your company?
A brief overview of some essential advantages that will enable you to face the next waves and even provide the groundwork for an attractive employer brand.

Concrete benefits

Companies must elbow their way in to recruit. Work-life balance is more important than ever.
In addition to offering competitive salaries, the companies that get ahead are those that offer benefits that have real value for staff members and that focus on physical and psychological well-being.

A far cry from luxury cafés, game rooms or soft sofas. Instead, consider truly flexible schedules and vacations, workplace fitness programs, complimentary healthy meals, or home maintenance services. Originality still has its place, but above all the advantages must be tangible and really useful.

Training as an accelerator of growth

Massive resignations and career changes bear witness to this: people are looking for a job in which they can learn, fulfil themselves and develop.

Recruitment and staff turnover not only represent significant costs, but departures often destabilize existing teams. Take advantage of internal mobility and invest in your existing resources. Training and development plans, coaching, mentoring: make your employees today the resources you will need tomorrow. 

The importance of employer branding

With labour mobility and the significant role of social media in the recruiting process, reputations can be made and lost quickly.

In this context, a good employer brand is worth gold. It is being built continuously and has a concrete base. In fact, it’s as strong as your commitment to the well-being and development of your people. It reflects the daily implementation of your company’s values. 

 By Caroline Bouffard – 37e Avenue

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