Recruitment: an escape game to get off the beaten track

Recruitment: an escape game to get off the beaten track

To attract Generation Z, to be in phase with new technologies and to convey a dynamic corporate image, what could be better than an escape game. Over 85% of HR managers are aware of the importance of innovation in the recruitment process and therefore do not hesitate to invite candidates to a real escape game to test different human and relational aptitudes.


A new world
You are invited, along with other candidates, to enter the “panic room” (dark and uninviting), embellished with many scripted decors. The group’s goal is to be able to escape from this place, in an allotted time, using the correct answers to the puzzles posed and the actions carried out brilliantly following various tests. Even though you are helped by a “game master” who, from his control room with cameras and microphones, will give you clues, the stress can quickly be felt. You are afraid of not being able to escape, as well as and especially of being judged by the other candidates and are afraid of acting badly, because your actions and gestures are being scrutinized at all times by the recruiter who will be interfering in the game – incognito or not – in order to interact with you and better assess your reactions.


Pitfalls to avoid
It’s not so bad if you cannot escape from the “panic room”. The recruiter will focus more on the group to identify the personality of each candidate, test interpersonal relationships and observe reactions to difficulties or misunderstandings. In other words, the candidate will have every interest to keep his composure and show relational ease, a team spirit, emotional control, listening skills. It’s quite legitimate that in the first few minutes you are reserved and look at each other like statues. But this should not last for long, because you have to get involved, be yourself, play the game in order to reveal all the good sides of your personality. Criticize a candidate? Kill a player? Don’t even think about it… it could be fatal.


A double win for the employer
Created in 2008 in Japan, the first life-size escape game complements the wide range of tools available to recruiters. Ideal for testing candidates applying for more relational than technical positions, the game is part of a real recruitment process. Often proposed to candidates who have already undergone a pre-selection, it will also be followed by an interview in which the recruiter can confirm or reverse his impressions from the game, and also assess your motivation and communication skills ability. But the benefit for the company doesn’t stop there! The escape game is an ideal opportunity for the company to convey a dynamic and innovative image. The tool is well appreciated by recruiters, 60% of whom believe that candidate experience is a priority. Even if he fails, the candidate has to retain a positive image of the company, so everything is done to avoid a harmful testimonial and so that a failed candidate remains a potential client.


So, dear candidate, you are ready to take up the challenges of the escape game? Play with optimism and assurance and – last tip – be on your guard, because the pitfalls may not be where you expect them.


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