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With No Negotiation Beyond Pay, 32% of Canadians Reject the Job Offer

According to a Robert Half survey, Canadian workers want to be able to negotiate with employers, including on non-pecuniary benefits. 32% of respondents would even reject the job offer if the company refuses this negotiation.

Candidates want proof that employers are ready to negotiate aspects other than salary, especially candidates with the profile sought. 32% of candidates interviewed by Robert Half had already turned down a job offer because the company was not ready to negotiate items such as the social benefits or job title, for example, compared to 35% who had never turned down an offer for these reasons and 34% who had never entered into such negotiations.

On the employers’ side…
Employers appear to be aware of this requirement by candidates – 99% say they are open to this discussion. Salary is one of the negotiation aspects most cited by those willing to make this effort (62%), followed by benefits (48%), professional development and training reimbursement (44%), remote work or scheduling arrangements (43%), and the job title (37%).

Robert Half points out that when deciding whether or not to seriously consider a job offer, candidates are particularly sensitive to arguments such as work-life balance, career advancement opportunities and social benefits. To convince the most competent people, especially in areas with a shortage of qualified candidates, employers should therefore understand them and offer these benefits that go beyond salary.

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